Monday, May 4, 2009

If Mama Ain't Happy, Ain't Nobody Happy

Ain't that cold sore just beautimous!?!
Happy Monday Y'all!
Robbie spent the night last night with his Pop Pop and Mimi so I only had to get myself ready this morning. Can you believe I was STILL late getting to work? I don't know what it is with me and a Monday morning, but we ain't friends and won't ever be.
My brother-in-law Chad did a great job with the BBQ this past weekend. He had some leftovers so that's what we all had for supper here tonight at The Doublewide. There were eight people over here eating and we had a great time except for one mama is mad at me. When she came in the back door, I was folding a load of towels and washcloths. She said, "Where's Robbie?" When I told her that he was still at Pop Pop and Mimi's she said, "Well then. I'm going home!" I was like...Are you for real? Are you serious? You're joking, right??!!
Let me pause here for a minute...For those of you that have kids....Do your parents do you that way too? It's like you're now invisible. Like they're not there to see you---their own flesh and blood....they just wanna see their grandbabies and could care less about you??!! I know I'm not the only one like this, but dang already, right?!
So then I told her that she should be glad to spend some girl time with her only two daughters. Since my little sister, Doodah (SHOUT OUT!!!--rah-ha-ha!--wink-wink!!), was here too, I thought mama would be glad to spend time with us without me having to chase Robbie and just enjoy the peace and quiet. But, oh no!
So mama walked through the kitchen and went to sit in Big Daddy's recliner while I finished getting things ready. Doodah was in the kitchen watching the BBQ warm up in the oven and making sure it didn't burn. Big Daddy and my mama were in the den watching TV. Daddy, Wayne and Alan were in the kitchen chatting and I was folding the load of laundry; the whole time thinking to myself, "Dang...mama really is mad at me?!"
A few times during supper I asked my sister if mama was mad at me and she just gave me a look like, yup...I think so.
After eating, we went outside to see if anything was coming up in the garden yet. I have some zuchinni sprouting along with some cucumbers, squash and one of my little watermelon plants is poking it's leaves up out of the soil too! Daddy seems to think that the Johnson Grass is going to take over, so me and the old hoe are going to become friends again! I have one word for that....UGH! I hate having to hoe a garden to fight weeds, but it has to be done.

But anyway---that fried squash is sure gonna be good this summer and so are those cucumbers! But anyway....
So yes, mama's mad at me. Because she said, "I've been reading your blogs and I never see my name. You talk about your daddy being a pound cake pro. You talk about Pop Pop and Mimi, you talk about mammaw, but you never talk about me."
So let me set the record straight. Right here. Right now!
Me and my mama are just alike. We're moody, we'll tell you off without thinking, we'll try our best to make you laugh, we're the peacemakers of our family, we'll cook your SOCKS off, we'll make you try whatever it was we made--whether you think you're gonna like it or not, we'll make something crafty in a New York Minute, we'll see an old piece of junk at a yard sale or in a junk store and we can instantly picture it--transformed into a thing of grandeur and beauty--(even if it may NEVER get done), we love our family and will whoop you if you talk about about one of us, we wear our hearts on our sleeves, we can't wait until we can be right still and get a nap somewhere, we snore horribly when we do get that nap, we love with everything we have to love you with, and we get our feelings hurt really easy. Sometime over silly things but we think they're major things, because they're big to us.
So mama----don't be mad at me because I don't blog about you frequently. I don't have that kind of a mind to where I am doing it on purpose. You're such a huge part of who I am.
I was saving a bigger and better blog for this coming weekend, but I see now that it can't wait.
There are many things that I love you for, but the most important was on a Mother's Day about 6 years ago when I was just consumed with grief over not being able to conceive a child. I ran out of church crying and you came out right behind me. I remember you telling me that if you could, you'd take it away. But you couldn't, and you knew that. And you were first in line to come withme and Ronnie to go to Asheville and pick up our son.
I love you mama and I hope you know that. Always have...always will!

Y'all take care and pray that my blog melted my mama's heart and that she ain't mad at me anymore!
Be blessed,


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Great Post!! And I shed a few tears at the end there! You can tell you love your mama!!



Debra Sue said...

My Mom in Law has done that too me. She just said very plainly, "No offense, but I would just like to see my grandkids w/o you once in awhile." I guess I can understand. I've all ready told my boys too give me lots of grandkids!! Thomas will have 'bout4 kids, Matthew will have 2 and Austin will be lucky to have one. LOL...that's my prediction. Mama's get funny 'bout those grandbabies! Oh and by the way, Mondays and mornings aren't friends either with me...don't know why. So when it's Monday's a tizzy and struggle. Love ya!

Cat said...

Hope it worked and you're on the good list again