Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Checkin' In and Catchin' Up!

Hey Y'all!
First of all, I hope all of you Mamas had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day! We had a great one here at The Doublewide!
Big Daddy bought me a digital camcorder. I've been dropping major hints lately, and he hooked me up!
We had fun spending time with Big Daddy's Step-Mom, his mama, my mama, and my sweet mammaw.
Saturday afternoon my daddy was over at mammaws, cutting her grass. I made Big Daddy pull in and I told my daddy to give me some money! He was like, "What for?" I told him I was going to save his hide and make sure my mama had a gift from him on Mother's Day. He's so funny. In the past, he's not been one to get my mama a gift on Mother's Day--he always told her that she wasn't "his" mama. Oooh....not real smart daddy! It used to break my mama's heart, so now that we're older, we always make sure we get her something just from daddy. I ended up getting her a dozen yellow roses from him with three peach roses in the center to represent me, my brother, and my little sister. Daddy signed the card, "To the mother of OUR three children...Love, Paw." Ain't he sweet?!
The sweetest thing happened on Mother's Day for me at church. I had arranged for my best friend's daughter to play, "Amazing Grace" on the piano for her mama during the service. Sharon had no idea that Ally was going to play for her and Jesus, and she was really excited and overcome with tears as I announced that we had a special guest who wanted to play for the service. Ally did a beautiful job and I was very very proud of her! After she finished playing, she took the microphone, walked over to her mama, and said, "Happy Mother's Day Mama." Let's just say there wasn't a dry eye in the house!
After me and Ally had gone over the song in the fellowship hall before preaching, I was headed down the hall to practice with the choir. My choir director met me outside of the choir room and handed me a Wal-Mart gift card. On the envelope he had written, "No more sad tears on Mother's Day!!" That made me cry! But this time, those were happy tears! I'm so honored that God chose me and Big Daddy to be parents to Robbie, to teach him, to mold him, to love him, to treasure him, and to give him to God daily.
I trust God to take care of us, to give us strength and energy, to guide Big Daddy and I in the process of raising this miracle, and to keep us humble and remember where He brought us from.
As most of you know, Mother's Day before Robbie entered our lives were hard on me. I felt so sorry for myself and couldn't make myself go to church to worship a God who wouldn't answer my heart's only prayer.
Praise God that He did answer it. He made me a mama and I'll always give him the praise, honor, and glory for it--every day that I live.
So, Thank You Lord....
Thanks for...
late night hugs and sweet kisses; messy, sticky hands; scraped knees, my heart full of joy as I go to pick him up at daycare while he's running and yelling, "Mama! Mama!", for his cute laugh, for the new nose smooches, for cuddling in the mornings, for a beautiful, healthy, blue-eyed, brown headed son and most importantly for my full heart. Could I love this child any more than I do now? I dare to think how much God loves us when I love a child that I didn't even birth this much!
Thank you Lord for Your blessings on me and my family.
Somebody give an altar call, I've just had CHURCH here in the office at The Doublewide!
Be Blessed!

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"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I love your blog, Michelle!! You are a sweetie for sure!!

Glad you had a great mother's day!