Sunday, May 3, 2009

Could this Weekend have gone by any faster?? I am again on a Sunday night wondering where in the world the weekend went! Do y'all ever get that way?
Here's a quick recap.
Friday night we laid around the house. Nothing was accomplished except giving out lots of hugs and kisses, playing with puzzles, ordering a Pizza Hut pizza, and enjoying the thought that we didn't have to work for two more days. Robbie has been so much fun lately and I'm just eatin' it up!
See---when we planted the garden Tuesday night, my daddy found a golf ball in the garden. One of my friends and her husband used to rent a little singlewide across the road from us and he was a golfer. Nearly ten years later, we still find little golf balls here and there all over the farm! haha
My daddy and Robbie planted the "Ball Egg". Daddy's already told Robbie that we had to give the ball egg special water and we'll get to see what it grows! Hee....this should be fun, right!? I'll be sure to let you know what sprouts out there--really soon!
Saturday we slept until 9:30. I had posted on my facebook page that I hoped I could stay in my nightgown all day and guess what? I DID! Well....almost all day. I think it was 6:30 when I showered last night!
My brother in law and some other men from our church stayed up all night last night cooking BBQ at church. We had a great little get together last night. He cooked some pork tenderloins and man were they tasty! We all brought little side dishes. I made some tater salad, (I know it's potato salad! If you were correcting me, then you ain't from around here!), and I made a pound cake. The recipe was from one of my mammaw's old cook books and the cake was called, "Old Fashioned Plain Pound Cake". It was ok, but not my favorite. My daddy is a pound cake pro and I think he was a little disappointed because I didn't put any lemon flavoring in it. While we were all eating, daddy was still outside helping man the grill and I happened to look up and notice that there was only one piece of my cake left. I sure did jump up and snag it for daddy. I didn't like it though. Tasted like playdough to me, but you live and you learn. I guess I'll stick to my favorite, cream cheese pound cake recipe. It turns out good everytime!
After we finished eating, we all went outside, underneath a picnic shed, and folks starting bringing out their instruments. We had a bass, a fiddle, a guitar, and a dobro. There was some good pickin' and some good singin' going on too! We had taken Robbie to one of my former students' homes because she hasn't babysat him in awhile, but I got to missin' my little man. I begged Big Daddy to go get him and bring him back to where I was. He did, and Robbie had a blast for the little bit of time left.
We went to church this morning, but before church I called mammaw to make sure she was doing ok this morning.
Here's our phone conversation:
Me: Hey Mammaw! You ok over there?
Mammaw: Yes, I'm ok over here, but I'm sure glad you called. I was getting worried.
Me: Why? What's wrong??
Mammaw: This dern drink bottle. I can't get the lid loose for nothing and I've been hoping somebody would call me so I could get them over here and get the lid off this drink. I'm thirsty!
Me: I'll be right there.

HAHAH! Ain't it funny? I guess in her state of mind, she had forgotten all about the water spicket at her sink, ya think?
Bless it!
Have a great day!


Cheryl / Garry said...

"Ball Egg" .... too funny. Have to share pics of that.

Ginger said...

Love the picture! It is precious. Yes....the weekend flew by! Love BBQ chicken and tater salad. Sounds good right now.