Thursday, July 3, 2008


Today's my birthday--I'm 37 years YOUNG and I have a 2 year old. It just hit me that I'll be working LONG after folks my age retire just to put him through college.
My big boy and my little boy woke me up this morning and I went to make my coffee. Upon arriving at the coffee pot, I found 2 cards and my coffee was already made and waiting on me with a mug and my french vanilla creamer already out on the countertop! How's that for service?!
My cards were so sweet! Little R actually drew me a heart on the inside of the card his daddy bought me from him. It was so cute!
I laid around in the house all day--we all three did! I didn't even take my nightgown off until 5:30 to take a shower. When I got out of the shower I decided to give myself another haircut! I did this about a month ago, but I miss that "stick up all over the back" look, so I took those scissors and went to town! I think I did pretty good considering I've never stepped foot in a beauty school! hahaha
We all went out to eat with my family to celebrate me getting OLDER!
Tomorrow we will be attending a 4th of July cookout and pool party at my sister's mother in law's. There are going to be lots of folks there and my brother in law is grilling!
I hope you all enjoy your day tomorrow, however you spend it!

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