Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Eees a bit green!

(Left) BEFORE---------------(RIGHT) AFTER
Man oh Man! I'm sooo pooped!

I canned 50 quarts of green beans today and have about 30 to go for tomorrow. Does anybody in the world do this anymore??!!

First of all...let me begin by saying that I love my daddy. He has worked so hard all of my life to make sure that I have plenty. Plenty clothes, plenty food, plenty roof over my head, plenty lessons learned that I appreciate now that I'm a parent, and plenty memories to laugh and cry over now that I'm older. He loves making a garden. My daddy doesn't know how to just plant a little "sissy" garden--hunh-uhh! He goes ALL out!

As a matter of fact, the day after we buried my Pappaw Fred, my daddy made the whole family plant a garden. His exact words were, "Now THIS is redneck therapy!" We all laughed, but we knew seriously that we could all get down in the bottoms, at least a mile off the road, and work through our grief by working our backs, hands, and minds while in the garden.

I HATE, loathe, despise, cringe at the thought of, (you get the point?) picking beans. My blood pressure increases dramatically at the mere consideration of doing this! Thank GOD I didn't have to pick all of those beans! Daddy, Doodah, Puddin, Hoss, Sarge, and D.A. all picked them and brought them here last night. They also strung and broke most of them!

Anyway--I love canning! Even if it set me back $120.00 for supplies today! Does this family really even eat that much in green beans in one year? I seriously doubt it, but it's so nice to open one of those jars and enjoy a great pot of green beans during the dead of again...thanks daddy--for the beans and for so much more!

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