Friday, July 18, 2008

Whew---all done; for now

Well...I finally finished with the green bean canning. Ended up with 70 quarts of pure summer lovin' in a quart jar to be enjoyed during the winter.
Have you ever had a situation occur and you say to yourself, "Dang..I should have had my camera!" ??
Today was one of those days. As I was finishing up the green beans, daddy came by to make sure I was being productive, hahaha, and decided to play with Lil R outside for a bit.
See...I bought this blow up pool last year, at the end of summer, for Lil R to enjoy this summer. Big R hauled the air compressor up the hill from the shed, hooked it up, drug up a chair, and began to blow this thing up. I was watching from the living room window and was amazed how many nozzles, gadgets, and gizmo thingamuhbobs it takes to blow up a dern pool. Anway..after what seemed like forever, it was done. Until....Big R notices that there's two large holes for a PUMP on the side of the pool. Since I have no PUMP, he props it up on the chair he used to sit in while blowing up the pool and says, (and I swear he was serious), "Well...those two holes are for a pump and it's too expensive to buy a pump, so we'll just prop up the pool on this chair here and he can swim like that."
Say what? For real? Oh...ok!
So the next day, we dumped the water out of it and I bought another one for $8.00.
Yesterday daddy said that the little pool was not worth messing with and since I'd already bought the other one, he could rig something up!
So he did! hahaha
He took pipes and clamps and tape and whatever else, and now Lil R can enjoy the sunny day tomorrow in his high dollar, much loved by his Papa, POOL!
And in comes the part where I wish I'd have had my camera...
Today as daddy and Lil R are outside, all my daddy could do was chase him away from the pool. He wore himself out and ended up letting Lil R chase him around and around and around the pool until he was so dizzy that he (daddy) fell IN the pool! Why wasn't I looking out the kitchen window then? It never ceases to amaze me the things Papa does for Lil R. This story shall be told down the road at daddy's expense.
I'll be sure to post the pictures tomorrow evening!
This should be FUN since I'm done with the beans, to enjoy the time with him. I think I'll put on my string bikini and work on my lucious tan! Bahh hahahahahahhaha--if only!
Enjoy yourself!

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