Saturday, July 19, 2008

Today was YARD SALE DAY!

Oh how I love me some yard sale Saturday mornings! Big R and I decided that we'd get up early and take Lil R and go to some sales.

I got:
1. a 2GB MP4 Player that holds pictures, ebooks, videos, songs, etc. for $10.00 and it's hot pink!
(This was my favorite buy of the day)

2. A Cheeseburger McDonald's glass and a Winnie the Pooh glass. Both are vintage and both were 50 cents each!

3. 10 Dr. Seuss books that Lil R doesn't have. They're hardback and they were 50 cents each.

4. A pair of alligator shortalls for Lil R for church--they're super cute. $0.50

5. A Christmas sweater vest with reindeer on it for me for $0.50. Oh how I love to see me some big girl clothing at a yard sale!

6. Some little toy connecting thingamahbobs and a spiderman bag to put them in for $0.50 for Lil R.

7. Big R found a plastic shotgun case for $5.00 He says it was a great deal--who cares, right? haha

Then--as luck would have it, we happened upon the MOTHER of all sales! This place in Ranlo/Lowell makes comforters, curtains, pillows, sheets, etc. and they were having a yard sale in the parking lot. I had to squeal my tires and turn around!

I bought 3 queen sized comforters, two sheet sets, 4 pillows to match the comforters. You ready for the price? All of this for $35.00!!!!!!! And they're all new and gorgeous!!!

My mammaw always said it's nobody's business how much you paid for something, but I am so proud of myself that I had to share!

Big R's mom made supper for us tonight as a late birthday present for me. We had cubed steak and gravy, mashed potatoes, sweet peas, corn, mac n cheese (mainly for Lil R, but I found it was SCRUMPTIOUS!), slaw, and biscuits. All wrapped up with a chocolate cake and chocolate icing!

She bought me some silver jewelry and I adore it!

Lil R is spending the night with her tonight so I'm going to get in the bed and curl up and try to read a little while Big R serenades me to sleep with his snoring!

Be good to each other!

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