Saturday, July 5, 2008

Twice in One Day?!

Good Lord. The world may be coming to an end if I'm actually posting twice in one day!

When we finally left the doublewide around 4 today and headed out to get outta here, we ended up going to Sonic and eating a late lunch. Afterwards we headed to The Dollar Tree! It's mine and Little R's favorite place to hang out.

Here's what I don't understand...

How are those buggies made? The past two times we've gone in there he pees and it runs EVERYWHERE. In the floor splashing up on my feet making a clear little puddle. I was like, "What in the world?" and me and Big R just busted out laughing. I sent Big R to the car for diapers and wipes and after a quick change, while he was standing up in the pee pee buggy, we were off to shop!

I don't get it! I mean pee was EVERYWHERE--do you hear me? It was so embarrassing just to have to stand there and watch it splat the floor. I'm sure I am the ONLY one this happens to!

We bought Little R some toys and puzzles and I hit the craft aisle. I love their craft stuff and I crave to stand in the aisle and just drool over it all!

Afterwards we drove out to the park in Lincolnton. It was much smaller than I remembered while going there as a child. Mama paid for us to go swimming there a lot and that's where I learned how to swim. Robbie loved the one little slide they had there. I enjoyed watching him, being afraid of absolutely NOTHING, climb up that dern 10 foot tall ladder and hearing, "Mama, I swing". He evidently got swing and slide mixed up, but it was so cute who could correct him?

After that we went to Family Dollar and then to Wal-Mart!

We're headed out on a family vacation Monday so we bit the bullet and bought one of those in the car DVD players. I had SWORE I would NEVER be so lazy and trifflin' as to keep my child in a daze by purchasing and installing one of those things! Hmmm...crow is tastin' pretty nasty right now! I know how he is and I know how I need my sanity on a 3-4 hour drive in the mountains, so yep--we did it. WE joined the ranks of sane parents nationwide!

Enjoy some of my favorite pictures from today!

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Juliejcma said...

Hey Mompta,

Robbie is getting sooo big! I miss getting to see him. Tell him that 'Juicy' said "Hey."

Love ya,