Saturday, July 5, 2008

Ohh I'm So Crafty Today!

Good afternoon y'all!

I woke up in a crafty mood today and I've been wanting to get myself busy on some projects!

So I took a little mushroom can, covered it in fabric and lace and Wah-Lah! I have me a new rubber band holder for my teacher desk when school starts! Now trust me--I ain't ready for the summer to be over, but I sure am ready to get in there and get my room decorated up! I'll be posting before and after pictures because boy do I have some ideas floatin'!

I also made a new bible cover for my bible. Mine was getting pretty ragged so I made me a new one!

It is 2:35 PM and I am still in my nightgown. Is this the life or what?
Here's my craft room--at least the part you are allowed to see! I got this old cabinet from someone on Craigslist for 75 bucks. With a little lace and trim and a LOT of glue dots, she's a gem in my book!

And finally, a picture of my little mason jar lamp! I wrapped ruffles around it and placed it on an old silver serving tray. I need to do something with the shade, but that's for another day.

As soon as Lil R wakes up from his nap, we're off to get outta the house! I'm probably headed off to spend my Hobby Lobby gift card and hit The Dollar Tree! Have a great weekend!

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michelle@somedaycrafts said...

A mushroom can! I haven't seen a mushroom can project yet, but yours is so cute! I love the lamp too! Thanks for linking up!