Monday, July 14, 2008

Welcome Home

and just like THAT...our vacation's over. We had a wonderful trip to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We also rode through Cherokee on our way to visit some relatives in Robbinsville. I can't wait until next year's vacation. Lil R will be old enough not to scream at riding baby motorcycles that are bolted to the floor of a very slow moving carousel.
We did some shopping, went to see Cade's Cove, did a lot of eating, and lots more stuff. The worst part of coming home was trying to get Lil R back in his bed. Since he slept with us every night, he still thinks he is supposed to do that now at home. For the past few nights at bedtime all I hear is, "I get in mama bed". This makes me laugh hard. Wonder why he doesn't say mama and daddy's bed? If it were up to me, he'd sleep with us every night, but Big R says his back can't take two little feet digging in it every night. Last night I was up with Lil R until 12:30 and the whole time he was wanting to go to "mama bed'.
That made me remember when I was a little girl and would have bad dreams. I would go to my mama and daddy's bed and want to get in it with them. Since my daddy wouldn't let that happen, we'd make a pallet and lay beside their bed in the floor. My brother did this. My sister did it too.
I just think it's amazing that even when we're adults and are faced with scary situations, we still go to mama and daddy for comfort. Hopefully we'll all remember to go to Our Heavenly Father too. Since He's in control and loves us more than we can ever understand, I imagine he has our backs!
Have a great day!

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