Friday, August 6, 2010

Unexpected Road Trip

Hey Y'all!
I'm writing this blog at 2:35 AM from a hotel bed in Douglas, Georgia.  We arrived here Wednesday night because Big Daddy's grandmaw died Wednesday morning.  Granny Hersey was 83 and died from complications from a Staph Infection in her legs.
We made the LONG drive all day yesterday and ended up staying with Big Daddy's uncle and his family last night.  I've you've never been to the southwestern corner of Georgia in early August, consider yourself LUCKY!  It is hotter than forty hells here--seriously.  I think I heard today that the heat index was 116 degrees.  For real?  This makes a fat girl crazy.
Today...though...we discovered another tragedy!  After showering this morning...I couldn't find my hairbrush...guess I left it at home....then I decided that I wouldn't be wearing any makeup today.  Why waste my Max Factor PanStick only to sweat it off as soon as I walk outside?!  If you didn't know the horrible news already, Max Factor is no longer in business....UGH....maybe you'll remember THIS POST?
I also found out that Big Daddy didn't pack a short sleeved dress shirt....seriously Big Daddy??!!
So, after asking some kinfolk, we ended up at a shop downtown Douglas, GA.  Big Daddy needs a 4X or a 5X, and you can't find dress shirts like that just we headed.  As soon as I walked into this shop, I knew we weren't uppity enough to even walk in there.  Dern polo shirts were $95.00.  My rear-end nearly turned wrong side out.  We walked down a few stores and found a better store where we got a shirt for $19.99...WHEW!
Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find about 3 or 4 antique shops that were side by side.  Big Daddy and Robbie sat in the van while we shopped a bit...didn't get anything, but it was so nice just looking!  I thoroughly enjoyed myself!
Finally, we headed back to the aunt and uncle's house.  Many of the family members were there and Pop Pop's (Big Daddy's Daddy) brothers and sisters were back from making arrangements at the funeral home.  Lots of good ole country cooked covered dishes were arriving, and I have eaten like a starved person all day.  This ain't gonna be good, sure does taste good.
Robbie is having a wonderful time spending time with his cousins.   We got a hotel room tonight though.  It is entirely too hot at their house, and while their hospitality is appreciated, this big girl can't sleep in 90 degree weather with a small ceiling fan barely creeping.
I was asked earlier this afternoon by the family to play the piano for Granny's funeral...AND they want me to sing too....Lord help me and those that have the unfortunate duty of having to endure it.
Tomorrow night we will all file into the funeral home for the visitation and then the funeral is Saturday morning at 11:00 AM.  After the funeral, we will begin making the eight to nine hour drive home.
The good news in all of this?  I have some GREAT pictures that are on my camera at the relatives house to show you soon, AND...I found a NICE little nail salon to get a pedicure in the morning.  My toenails are in dire need of some Asian Attention in such a BAD way!
If you're bored, check out Douglas, GA by clicking HERE.
And....I'll leave you with some googles pics of the area!


What's next said...

sounds like a hot time! I'd be at the hotel too! Even though it's always a sad time, thoses family times are usually sweet... have a safe trip home...

Melissa said...

Sorry to hear about your loss. Your family sounds like mine though. We manage to have a good time ANY time we are together, happy or sad. And what an honor to be asked to play and sing! Prayers!

Freddie said...

what is that pic of the ruins....i would love to hear the stories told in that place....praying for you all.

Cheryl said...

Sorry Big Daddy for your loss.

I'm the same way with the A/C. Mom keeps her house to warm and no way could I sleep there.

Have a safe trip home.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Please tell BD how sorry I am to hear of his grandmama's passing. I know they were happy that you agreed to play and sing...and that you did a great job.