Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Things I Cannot Live Without....

Hey Y'all!  I hope you're having a great start to your week, wherever you are!
It is 1:11 AM, and I'm wide awake.  I knew I shouldn't have drank that dang tea about two hours ago.  I know better, but my Big Daddy does such a great job making tea!  Seriously--if you KNOW us, you KNOW about some Ronnie Tea!
Anyway...I cooked a big supper tonight.  We had BBQ Chicken, Mac N Cheese, green beans, stewed squash, homemade macaroni salad, and biscuits.  For dessert I made Fudge Pies!  I blogged about those pies about this time last year.  Click HERE and grab the recipe.  Try it---they're WONDERFUL and so easy to make!  We love them and I'm praising the Lord that I'll enjoy a slice of it in the morning with my coffee!
Now....to my post's subject.  I thought I'd do a little fun list of things that I cannot live without.  The idea came out of pure boredom, so if you would like to click out of here, now is the time.  If not, read on then!
Funny Picture, right?  I thought it was fitting..
1.  Jesus Christ---He is first in my life and first on this list.  Without HIM everything else would be worthless.
2.  My family--They give my heart so many smiles and I live for them!
3.  Hugs--I'm a hugger.  If I know you, chances are Imma hug you within 5 minutes of being around you.  I can't help it.
4.  Coffee--self explanitory, but it must be sweet and have some type of flavored creamer.
5.  Computer/Internet--I would gnaw my hands off if I couldn't get online daily.  I don't know what I ever did without it.  My students absolutely think I'm a dinosaur when I tell them I first laid eyes on a computer while in college.  Technology has come such a long way.
6.  My piano--it is the BEST therapy for me.  Every since I was a child it seemed like I would slip into another world and not worry about anything.  Still enjoy playing every chance I get.
7.  My kitchen.  I love to cook--period!  I love having a table full of friends and family and everyone getting their bellies full.
8.  Laughter--what would I be without it?  My favorite kind of laughter is when I'm ready to pee myself--you know the kind, right?  Where I'm wheezing, spit drooling, stomach hurting, eyes watering, ROLLIN' laughing.  There's NOTHING like it!
9.  My craft/hobby love.  I have to make something all of the time.  My parents call me a dreamer.  Mama used to tell me I had champagne taste and a beer pocketbook!  I love looking at something and trying to figure out a different use for it--how can I make it pink or black--can glitter work?  Hmmmm...see what I mean?
10.  My friends.   They mean the world to me.  Some I've had much longer than others.  It's just so nice to feel liked, loved, and appreciated.  I love spending time with my girls whenever I can.

NOW....hurry and do your top ten!  There's a post for YOUR blog...Do it and let me know so I can go read yours!
You're welcome! heeheee

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What's next said...

we have a lot of the same things on the list!
yes, getting ready for school to start, or should I say trying to stretch every hour until school starts!