Tuesday, August 3, 2010

We Gonna Be on the Big Screen Boys!

Hey Y'all!  Happy late Tuesday night to you!
I just had to stop in and share the news....
My hometown, Stanley, North Carolina is fixin to be used as a setting for a movie!
That's BIG news around these parts!
Click HERE to read the article posted in our county's newspaper, "The Gastonia Gazette."



Cheryl said...

That's neat, can't wait to see it.

Grace on the Narrow Path said...

Sounds like a nice treat for Stanley. You are not far from me.
Enjoy all the filming.

misselaineous said...

Love your "fixin' to"...my Joe had a whole running gag that he did with the fixin' to...and didgyaeat?...yountto?. Of course my spelchek totally underlined all those words! :O} I've lived in Florida so long, even my Massachusetts accent has been southern fried! The little town where I work was the location for the filming of Water Boy with Adam Sandler several years back...it was fun when the crew came downtown for lunch! Never did get to see Adam, though. Oh well! Have a great week *elaine*

Diane said...

Oh what fun that is gonna be, I guess being in California we take that kinda thing for granite, shame on us! I know what you mean about the pretty floral boxes I found, I would have bought them empty! LOL Hugs, Diane