Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring Break Solitude

Hey Y'all!
Hope things are well your way!  Here are a few pictures of what's been going on around The Doublewide for the past couple of weeks.
I promise to do better.  Starting Monday, I'll be blogging everyday...hopefully!
Anyway, until then, please enjoy the pictures: 
First of all....we had an Easter Egg Hunt at church....

Then we went to Sunrise Service at church at 6:30 AM...but who takes pictures THAT early??!  Afterwards, we went to regular services:

Then, guess who fell asleep during preaching?

After preaching, we took some pictures outside....
This is me and my little sister, Doodah:

Me and my best friend, Sharon:

Finally, a family shot of all three of us:

Also, Robbie and Cydney had to have their "time" in....These pictures are absolutely adorable!

Then, we headed to stay with a friend of mine from college that I haven't seen since we graduated way back in May of 1993---to save you the trouble, it's been 17 years.  Freddie and Kay-Kay were the bests hosts EVER!  We had so much fun!
While in Tennessee, we found this old house.  It is ONE of FOUR that are for sale....with 7 acres...for only 1 million dollars!  I'm telling you if I had that much money, I'd buy them and rent those suckers out...or leave here and go run a group of four Bed and Breakfasts....'s the picture of the most beautiful house of the four and of course, it's my FAVORITE shade of pink:

Breath-taking, right?!
Hope Y'all have a great weekend.  See you Monday!


Cheryl said...

It's about time you come back to the blog world...have missed ya!

OMG, I love the pics. Little Man's suit is darling. You and Big Man fix up pretty well to... hehehe

Sounds like you had a great Easter.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Y'all are a good looking family for sure. I didn't get the first Easter picture but then again my kids didn't even make it home. Their Easter Baskets are still sitting on the dining room table. Hope you had a restful spring break. Mine was CRAZY!! I wish I had as much patience with my mother as you have with your meemaw.

Cat said...

The pictures turned out great. I love the one of Robbie getting ready to kiss Cyd! Too cute