Monday, April 19, 2010

Back In The Day.....

Hey Y'all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  We sure did!
I was looking through some old, and boy I do mean O-to-the-L-D pictures that are on this computer.  Thought I'd share a few of them with you today for my post!
This is from Easter Weekend, my freshman year of college.  All four girls came home with me to spend the weekend at my grandparents house.  My Pappaw Fred had quite a collection of hats, and we took advantage of it!  In case you can't find Waldo, I'm the one kneeling.

Another pic of times in the music building at Mars Hill College.  I'm the one having my face smashed/hidden.

Me and Mammaw.  Taken before dimentia set in....

Me and my sister, Amanda.  This was taken at Big Daddy's suprise 30th birthday party

Me and Big Daddy in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park...a total stranger took this for us!

Me and Big Daddy chillaxin....Oh how I adore this picture!

Robbie's 1 year of my favorites!  Couldn't you just gnaw those chubby cheeks off?

Big Daddy and Robbie on St. Patricks Day, 2008
Pumpkin Patch--October 2009

Thanks for taking a trip with me down memory lane.  Which picture is your favorite?


Cat said...

I must say the Pumpkin Patch pic has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine but you and Big R in the pool is a close 2nd! BTW..I'm am LOVING the mailbox Freddie painted for you!

Cheryl said...

Enjoyed my trip and thanks for having me. Always loves me some pic. My favorite - you / hubby and pumpkin patch!

Melissa said...

While Robbie's little chubby cheeks sure are cute, I think my favorite is the one of you and your Mammaw. My granny was very, very special to me. Thankfully, her mind was good up until the last 4-5 months, but I remember how hard it was after that. So that special memory of you & your Mammaw is my favorite.