Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Sister's Birthday Present

Hey Y'all!  Last Thursday I posted about making these flowers and how I hoped to be able to show you what I did with them....
I googled quotes about sisters and picked my favorite.  Then I wrote it on some muslin and did embroidery in dark brown.  I found an old picture frame at our local thrift shop awhile back for $2.00 and I spray painted it black.
Then I added the flowers at the bottom and it was finished.  I just thought about doing it on Thursday morning and had to have it finished by Thursday night.  It's not perfect, there's too much space in between the writing and the flowers, but I made it for my sister and she loved getting it as much as I loved making it for her!
Doing embroidery like that is so much fun.  It personalizes the piece because it's YOUR handwriting instead of somebody else's.  If you do this type of craft, I recommend doing your own handwriting and rolling with it.  Years down the road, hopefully, someone will say, "My great-great grandmother embroidered this herself and it's in her handwriting!"
Seems to me that it makes it THAT much more special!
Y'all have a great day today!
I'm taking Robbie to the library after school to get our weekly 21 books! (3 per night..no exceptions..hee hee)

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