Thursday, April 15, 2010

Flower Power

Hey Y'all!
Today will be a LONG day for me.  It's Parent Conference Days in our School System.  Today is a day for parents to come and meet with their children's teachers to check progress as the school year draws to an end.
I'm pretty lucky since most kids do really well in my classes.  They enjoy "hands-on" projects like sewing, cooking, etc. so their grades are usually better here than in their math or language arts classes.
Regardless, I have to stay at school until 7:00 PM tonight---and today is my sister's birthday.  She is turning 33 today!  Hopefully we'll all go eat something REALLY good for supper tonight to help celebrate!
I've been busy working on some different fabric flowers.  I've been looking online for different tutorials and have been having so much fun making these fun cuties!

Hopefully nobody's parents will show up to see me this afternoon....maybe I can finish this project and be able to show you tomorrow!
Have a great day today!


Ginger said...

Hope your conferences go well. That really can make for a long day, but it does open doors for great communication! Your class sounds like fun!!

Cheryl said...

Sure makes for a long day. Have a wonderful time tonight at the birthday party!

Country Whispers said...

Those flowers are great!
Just think school will be over soon for the summer and then we can all sit back and enjoy some free time.