Monday, April 26, 2010

Ice Cream After Church on Sunday Night....It's a Tradition!

Hey Y'all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend!  As usual, our weekend went by way too fast!  Since Robbie was spending the night with Pop Pop and Mi Mi Friday night, I took advantage of having the TV to myself.  I ended up turning the lamp off at 2:30 AM and slept on the couch.  I did catch up on everything I've had DVR'd at least!  Since I stayed up so late, it was too hard to get up and hit the yard sales.  Big Daddy woke up early, and was outside doing the weed-eating at 6:30 AM--and I never even heard him!
Lucky for him, right?  hee hee
After church on Sunday night, we all decided to go to Tony's Ice Cream.  Click on that link and read all of the awesome history about the place and why everyone from these parts HAS to have it!!  Here's our friend, Kasey in Tony's last night.


Here's Mr. Blue Eyes himself!  Me and him HAVE to have our corn dogs when we get ice cream!  Their corn dogs will absolutely melt in your mouth!
Big Daddy enjoying his Cheeseburger and fries!  Check out those HUGE ice cream cones on top of a freezer in the background!

My sister, Doodah, (Amanda), has to show you her milkshake!

Chad tips his cup to you too!

And I'll eat this spoonful of my banana milkshake and wish you were here to enjoy it all with us!
So, the next time you're in Gastonia, give us a holler and we'll come chat with you while we all eat the BEST ice cream in the ENTIRE world!
Have a great week!


Cheryl said...

Yummy, I'll take you up on my next trip to Gastonia. Love me some ice cream!

Melissa said...

I just love local places like that!! I didn't know you live in Gastonia; some wonderful church friends/neighbors moved here from Gastonia a few years ago. Neat coincidence.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

There's nothing like some Tony's Ice Cream...or their milkshakes!!!



Cat said...

love love love Tony's!!! Can't wait till school is out and we can do stuff after church on Sunday nights.