Friday, April 23, 2010

Hey Y'all!  I am SO glad it's Friday that I almost can't stand myself right now! 
Last night, Robbie spent the night with his Pop Pop and Mi Mi and will also be spending the night with them tonight.  They're buying him a Wii tonight...oh lawsamercy...
We went to Long Creek Fish Camp last night with the family.  Had a BLAST and got my belly good and full!  If you're not lucky enough to live in the south and get good fish camp eating, I'm sorry.  I'm sure your figure is glad, but oh, what your tastebuds are missing out on!
Anyway...I meant to take my camera inside to snap some pictures of how lovely my plate was, but I didn't.  So, I'll have to leave that to your imagination.'s what I've been up to lately...
First of all...I posted on Facebook earlier, that I wanted to get a haircut because I was tired of looking like Peppermint Patty!  So, I did...and it feels so much better!

Then, I have been stuck reading other people's blogs during my freetime.  There are so many people who have such wonderful blogs...makes me jealous!
Like for instance, I found out how to make a needle notebook  on a blog.  Her pictures and directions were clear and I enjoyed making it!

Inside view so that you can see where you put your more sticking them at the top of a lampshade, right mama?
Next, I found this sweater at the local thrift shop here in town for $1.50.  I cut it down the front middle and sewed it so that now I have a cute, sweater/jacket with short sleeves to wear over a tank-top. 

This weekend, I hope to make enough little fabric yo-yo's to put down the front...I think it would be dah-ling!

I've also started working on making a pair of capri pajama britches out of an old sheet I found at Goodwill.  Oooh...I can't wait to finish these up and lounge around The Doublewide in them!  So soft and comfy!!  All I have left to do is hem them and add the elastic to the waist!

I have no idea what my plans are for this gorgeous top!  It was a size large, and well, let's face it...I can only get one arm in the blessed thang, so I keep looking at it and trying to decide what I want to do with it!  All of the sequins and beads that cover the front of it...such gorgeous colors and patterns! I guess I could make a pillow, but I don't know if that's REALLY what I want to do with it, but since I bought it for only $1.50, we'll see!

On another blog, I found the step-by-step directions for making this "ribbons and pearls" necklace.  It was fun making it!  The pearls are pale pink and the ribbon is black.  It's much prettier on than it is lying me!

Martha Stewart and Queen Latifah taught me how to make a necklace out of an old t-shirt this week.  I DVR Ms. Martha.  Sometimes I LOVE her episodes and other times she irritates the fire outta me.  She has this bad, awful, rude, stinky habit of talking over her guests...and that really gets on my nerves!

Big Daddy has been on a big diet since Feb. 11th...up to this point, he has lost 43 pounds!  I am so proud of him!  He weighs in monthly and is going to a Diet/Nutrition Clinic to get weight loss help. 
Now...since Robbie will be spending the night with Pop Pop and Mi Mi again tonight, I have to plan something special for Big Daddy.  Maybe we'll go see a movie or something.
I really hope too, that I can get up in the morning so that I can go to some Yard Sales!  I have so much fun doing that and I always think I'm going to find a TREASURE!  Sometimes you do, sometimes you don't, right?!
Anyway...whatever you chose to do this weekend, enjoy it!


Cat said...

I came across some yard sale postings on craigslist. I believe there looked to be a good one somewhere in Belmont. Check it out.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mrs. Hersey! Haven't seen ya in a while! I've got a blog on here too, just in case you wanna check it out!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I am VERY impressed with BD's 43 pound weight loss. I wish I had the same will power. I'm struggling right busy that I eat lunch in my car just about everyday. And you know what that means....FAST FOOD!!!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

OH!! And your new hairdo looks MARVELOUS!

Cheryl said...

A wonder post !

Ms Crafty, I love your haircut.

And I'm proud of big daddy, it's hard. I'm still at 30 lbs and it's been since Oct.