Friday, February 6, 2009


I am so thankful that today is FRIDAY!
Don't you just love our picture? We had about 5 minutes of class left, and I was working on stuff for next week when I found these cute big ole googly eyes! We taped them onto our glasses and made the whole class laugh!
I just love being able to cut up with my students every now and then.
The weather outside is absolutely gorgeous today here near The Doublewide. The air just smells fresh and clean and it makes you want to go "Yard Sale Hoppin'" tomorrow. Wonder if there will be any around here? If so, I'm GOING!
Now.... take some green, red or white pipe cleaners and make you some cute little heart pokes out of them! Our principal asked me to be in charge of decorating the tables for our students' Honor Roll breakfast next week.
My students helped make these, with my instruction, of course:
Also, I was in the mood to do some polymer clay jewelry earlier this week, and this is what I came up with: (PS I've not made the earrings yet, but they're coming soon!)
I really wish you could see everything up close, but they're really really cute pendants!
Also, here's a picture of my door frame of my classroom. I made these cute little hearts with my Cricut, and then one of my classes decorated the hearts with those little foam stickers. I think it turned out pretty cute. Even though this is middle school, the kids still love seeing seasonal stuff every now and then.
Now, please say a prayer for me! I am "in charge" of The Valentine's Supper at church tomorrow night. I hope everything goes ok. Also, Lil R's birthday is coming up and if I don't decide what we're gonna do, he'll be 18 before I get these invitations done!!
Have a great weekend!!



Hi Michelle,
Thank you for your concern and prayers. I have posted an update.
LOVE your google glasses:)Made me smile. I was reading your past post and love your knitted hearts!!
I hope you find some great deals and treasures while you "Garage sale Hop"!!

Ginger said...

I do love Fridays and love loves eyes! Have a great time at your banquet and best of luck getting everything ready!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

You are too funny!! Loved the "eyes"!!

And so cute the heart thingys....
you've given me some ideas for my little mission friends class to make for their mommies and daddies for Valentines Day!!

And I KNOW you'll do great at your banquet!


Cat said...

The Valentine's Dinner was a success! Had a great time and it seemed that everyone else did too. Good job! Thank you for all that you do at church!