Saturday, February 21, 2009

Lucky Girl

Hey y'all!
I just thought I'd tell you I have the best husband in the world! When I got done with school I picked up Lil R from daycare and headed home. When I pulled in the yard, Big Daddy was waiting on us in his truck. Him and Lil R headed off to get hair cuts and I headed to the couch. I got me a good nap all tucked in on the couch with my quilt and the dog! At about 5:30, Big Daddy called and said we were going to dinner with his daddy and step mom.
So we went out to eat in Lincolnton to a really good little greasy spoon called, "Zippers". It's so tasty and we love eating there.
After supper, we had to get some gas. I had a twenty dollar bill so while Big Daddy was pumping my gas I went in to get me a coffee. My total was $1.06 so my change was $18.94. I told the lady to keep the $18.00 because I was gonna buy me some lottery scratch off cards. After picking out my cards, I went to the minivan to scratch them off. Ended up winning $72.00 on the ones I bought! WOOHOO!
Now I can pay for Lil R's birthday cake, for his party tomorrow without having to drive to town to go to the teller machine, since I forgot yesterday afternoon!
And...since Lil R is spending the night with his Pop Pop and MiMi, I think me and Big Daddy will take the rest and head to Shogun's in Gastonia! It's a sit down Japanese restaurant and they do a little "show" while they cook your food! It's my favorite, but it's a little expensive so I'm glad to have the extra cash to go!
And...since I have contributed to our educational system, maybe I can get me a good and juicy dry erase marker on Monday instead of trying to write with one that's about dry as a bone! tee hee hee!
Now--I have to get off this computer and get busy with the laundry. It's going to take over this Doublewide if I don't get it under control today! Also, this house looks like an elephant just ran through it, so I'd better get busy!
Have a wonderful day!


Ginger said...

You go girl! Have a great time eating out with your hubby...I would be jumping up and down. Winning any amount these days is hitting a jackpot sure enough!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Woo Hoo!! Winning must be great....any amount!!

Hope you and hubby enjoy your evening together!


Cat said...

$72? Wow..that is awesome! Ronnie did a wonderful job yesterday. I told him I would rather sing 20 songs then say one word at that pulpit! Robbies party was a blast! Thank your for sharing his day with us.

Kim's Treasures said...

Congrats!!! Very fun!