Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hey y'all! I hope you all had a wonderful day today!
I went out to eat with my sister and Cat tonight. We planned the "entertainment" for our Valentine's Dinner at our church that will be held this Saturday night and we're gonna have some more fun, I tell ya!
Afterwards, I came home and spent some time with Big Daddy and Lil R. His fever finally broke today. His pillow was SOAKED and he seems to be feeling a little better this afternoon. I truly appreciate all the prayers that went up for him. It's great to know you have friends that you've never laid eyes on that will pray for you if you ask, so THANKS!
At 9:45 I went over to help Mammaw get in her hospital bed and to give her medications to her. It was starting to dust a little bit. At 10:40 ground was covered.
Ooooh! I'm hoping it stays tonight and I can stay home in my pajamas and spend some time here at The Doublewide with Lil R tomorrow!
I know not to get my hopes up, but I'm gonna dream!
I took some pictures off of Mammaw's back porch, but left my SD Card Reader in the new minivan and I ain't draggin all this back outside to get it.
Hopefully I can sweet talk Big Daddy into bringing it in tomorrow morning. Please say a prayer that he doesn't get called into work tonight. He works for the NC Dept. of Transportation and must be ready to go in if the roads get bad.
Y'all have a great night---I've gotta go get my evaporated milk, sugar, and vanilla back out of the pantry and onto the countertop just in case I'll need it for my SNOW CREAM in the morning!


tardevil said...

I just came over to see if you had any snow. I'm glad your little man is feeling better. It's so sad when kids are sick. I'm with you in hoping there is no school tomorrow. Another one of my NC blogger friend's (Beth at I'm Heading Towards My Destiny) is also a contractor for DOT. I have to tell you that I LOVE that heart at the top of your blog! It is classic!!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Om my goodness! As soon as I read "snow" just now, I jumped up and went to the back door to see what it looke like outside!!! Snow!! But just a smidgin here in my neck of the words...rats!! Woulda loved some big-time snow!

Glad Lil R is feeling better!

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

Did you have school today!?!? School's out in my county (which makes no difference to me, haha). I'm at work, freezing my patootie off! 8 degrees with -15 windchill here. Brrrrr!

I have been sooooo busy and totally slacking on reading my favorite blogs. I need to spend some much needed time catching up on everyone's!!!

PS - I think our boys do look a lot alike :)

Cat said...

After you dropped me off I went in and caught up on all of my recorded shows for the week and at 11:30 I went to get Josh's mouth piece out of the truck and couldn't believe all the snow! Jayce and Bailey played some this morning before heading to school. Jayce said a 2 hour delay is better than nothing! I got to come in late too so yep, little is better than nothing. Have a good day! Don't forget to wash your "dirty towerls". LOL