Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Dern Dern Dern!!!!

Well---I wasn't so lucky after all! It did snow last night, but there was not enough of it to keep us out of school today. The county to the west of us is out today! The county to the east of us is out today! But us--no! Right smack-dab in between Lincoln County and Char/Meck and we're here today.
We did get a two hour delay, which was really really nice. I didn't sleep late, but I did enjoy some coffee before work.
Enjoy the pictures from last night where I was at mammaw's last night with my camera.
Have a great day today!

The steps at "The Doublewide"

Across Mammaw's Backyard

Mammaw's little bush by the carport.

My favorite picture of the week! No flash---what's that little blue blurb?

On the way to work this morning at the top of "The Big Hill"

Another shot of the top of the hill.

Fixing to get in the car this morning to go to school.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

My Word! And you live in Alexis...about 7 miles from me??!!!!

We did not get anything like that...just a sprinkling!!!


Doodles said...

I am so behind in reading my favorite blogs, but I finally was able to get around to it. I loved your post about weekends at your Grandparents. Reminded me of my childhood, too.

I also love your kitchen tree! What a cute idea.

Stay warm!

tardevil said...

Now he looks happy! Our deck was covered, and that's it! I cannot believe Iredell's schools were out today. My husband said it got worse the further south (towards Charlotte) he went. We must live in a snow bubble. I've given up on snow cream! Even Myrtle Beach got more snow than we did! No, I'm not jealous...;o)

Ginger said...

Beautiful pictures! We live in south quite a bit during the night. It was pretty icy this morning, but all gone now!