Friday, February 20, 2009

Part V--The Final Adoption Story Post

Ahh...and now we come to the end of the beginning of our story!

As you read yesterday, our lawyer's call really shook us! We were so frightened. How could we be made to give him back? We had already fallen head over heels in love with him. How could this mother be so cruel? How would we survive this?
On our way to the lawyer's office, I called our Pastor Matt. He prayed with me and I just remember begging him to keep praying for us. I asked other friends that I called to get a prayer chain going. Everyone prayed while we worried and trusted Him.
When we arrived, the little receptionist was standing on the front porch waiting on us. It was pouring down rain, and bless her heart, she was out there with an umbrella---just waiting.
She ran to the car and told us not to come in just yet. She said that our lawyer and the birth mom were meeting and that we should go ride around until they called. We drove all over Gastonia...I was sick; was numb; was in shock; was so deeply scared.
In my "human" mind, I couldn't understand what was going on. Why would we be allowed to go this far and have him snatched away from us? So we began to pray and pray really hard.
Finally, we got the call from our lawyer and we drove back to his office.
The birth mom had left and we took the baby in to speak with the lawyer. I remember walking in---trying to will my legs to work just to walk! When we walked in the lobby, our lawyer was there waiting on us and said, "It's ok...everything's ok." Right then Big Daddy and I cried and held each other while Robbie was in his car carrier at our feet. There wasn't a dry eye in the lobby that day.
So...there you go. He's been ours ever since.
We had him dedicated to God's service on Father's Day 2006, which by the way, was the next Sunday at church.
Afterwards, there was a LONG paperwork process, many things to do, but if you have kids, you've probably done most of those things anyway too.
I will say this as I close, when we finally got the Final Decree of Adoption it was a Saturday. I just stood in the kitchen with Big Daddy and we cried. Lil R entered our hearts and our home on June 7, 2006 and on May 10, 2007, the adoption paperwork was complete. Here's the best part; the extra special kiss on the cheek from Heaven....The day I held the papers in my hand that said he was ours was the day before Mother's Day. It was and is official; through God's work I am a mama and Big Daddy is a daddy and we are the GIDDY parents to a wonderfully and amazingly spectacular boy!
And this Sunday, when we go to McDonald's for his 3rd Birthday Party, we'll be sure to give God all the thanks, praise, and glory for everything He has blessed us with!


Doodles said...

That was such a heartwarming story! I hope Lil R has a wonderful birthday! Have a great weekend.

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, my word!!! I missed yesterday's post so I had to pick from the last one I read and come forward!

My heart is so full for y'all right now!! I have shed tears as I read this. What an awesome story!

I pray God's continued blessings on your family!!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

I'm so thankful that this story had a happy ending...what a wonderful family you three are and what a lucky birthday boy to have such loving and dedicated parents.

Ginger said...

Lil R is so blessed to have 2 parents that love him and wanted him so much! Your story has really touched my heart and brought me to tears! What a blessing. Have a wonderful weekend. :)

What's next said...

that is an amazing story

Hi, I'm Amy! said...

I'm not sure how I missed this last part until now!!! Great story!!!