Saturday, January 24, 2009

Wonderful Day

Hey Y'all!

Lil R spent the night with Big Daddy's mama last night. He so loves going to Nanny and Grannypaw's house. They just spoil him rotten and we get a little time off.

I slept until about 9:30 today--Big Daddy just let me rest. Then he went to Hardee's in town and brought back biscuits for us and Mammaw. After filling our guts, we decided to go to The Flea Market. Have you ANY idea how many times I wish I had my camera today? Wow---I didn't realize how much different people can be! There were piles and piles of junk everywhere! We usually take a trip just to buy razor blade cartridges because they're SO much cheaper. We saw so many sights that just made us look at each other and giggle.
After leaving there, we went to Hobby Lobby and Target. Hobby Lobby has all their Valentine's stuff on sale this week for 30% off. I loaded up thanks to Belle and her swap idea! She's gonna be getting some really nice pretties!
Also, they had their pom poms for half off. I bought some pink, red, and white and am planning to string them up and make me a cute little garland for my seasonal tree, kindof like this picture but I think I'll pass on the little beads.See...I have this Christmas tree that stays up in my kitchen all year long. Every month I change the decor to match whatever holiday is near. Right now I have snowmen out, but this week the Valentine's Day stuff is coming! I can't wait! Here's a picture of my tree and antique cabinet from last year.

We had a great time doing some "shopping" and just spending the day together. My sister and I are singing at church in the morning. We've just finished practicing "I'll Fly Away." Ooohh I hope God blesses somebody through us in the morning and that we won't get too nervous in the process.
I'm going to go on to bed I guess. I hope Lil R and Big Daddy have started their little snoring party!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I love your seasonal tree idea! I have a little tree very similar to one time I had tried to decorate it with the seasons, but since I am a great procrastinator, well, it mostly sat in the corner gathering dust! But hey ! You have inspired me! I may get it out of my trunk (yes, I had taken it to work over the holidays!) and see what I can do!

Have a blessed day!


Michelle said...

Hey.... how'd the "Flying' Away" go? Bar and I sang this morning, too. We sang, "Hear Us From Heaven" (a fairly new comtemporary) and like you, I pray that others were blessed and ministered to. Although, I do admit, I didn't know that you sang! Hope your weekend was great and you are ready to get back in the groove in the morning!