Saturday, January 10, 2009

Great Big Day!

My sister and I went to take down the tree at church this morning while Big Daddy and Lil R went to get their haircuts. We weren't timing ourselves or anything, but it only took us like 30 minutes to get a 9 ft. tree undecorated, down, and in the boxes and tubs and the floor area vaccumed! We were so proud that we thought we'd make a little trip to R.O.'s Barbeque in Gastonia. If you're from around here, you KNOW how good that food is, and if you ain't from around here, I apologize that you're missing out on such great food! Also, it's one of the few places left that has actual teenage/early adult guys who will come to your car, take your order, and bring your food to you. One of my former students works there and I was glad to get to see him. He's 22 years old now and the last I saw of him, he was in my 6th grade class! Wow--I'm sooo getting old. Here's a result of my google image search!
After talking to him and eating, we headed out to find a neat little shop that I'd found through Craigslist. This place is called Katy-Did Antiques and it's downtown Gastonia. I have seen furniture items they've listed for sale and I have been wanting to go for sometime now. I told my sister that I just wanted to see if we could find it--knowing the whole time I was going inside once we did!
So---we found it and I begged her to let me go in. She, of course, said, "Well...we can't stay long, but let's go."
I think we ended up staying an hour, maybe a little bit longer. I lost track of time because as soon as we walked in there we were both mesmerized. Seriously. Just look at the front of this store and tell me you don't want to go inside!

We had so much fun. I was actually BEGGING her to get her camera out, but she wouldn't. She said there were cameras in the store and they'd catch us acting stupid, so she won!
Now my little sister is NOT a huge fan of antiques. Let's get that straight right now! haha
But--my mammaw gave her some Carnival Glass awhile back. It's the blue kind and is similar to the picture below:
She was VERY happy to find a VASE for $15.00 and a deviled egg platter for $15.00 too! I found about 5 doilies and am tickled to death with them.
I also made the decision today to start collecting pink milk glass. I adore it; have for quite some time now so I can't wait to start on that!
WE had so much fun and are now planning on going "antiquing" to see if we can find more Carnival Glass for her and Pink Milk Glass stuff for me. Here's my favorite picture of a google search of this too:

We had a great day together and I got the new van cleaned and vaccumed. WOOOHOO! Me and Lil R had a wonderful nap this afternoon on the couch too. There's nothing in the world like "scroochin'" up with my little man and drifting off to sleep with him. God is so good!
I'm now off to begin reading "Twilight". I am sick of hearing about it, so I've borrowed a copy from a friend. She warned me that I'd be up LATE...We'll just have to see about that! haha Have a great night!

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