Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Big Bump Up Friday!

Happy Saturday Y'all!
I was so lucky to sleep in until 9:00 this morning! Lil R was all snuggled up beside me in the bed and it was just wonderful!
I think the weatherman in Charlotte said it got down to 8 degrees last night around these parts. That's good snugglin' weather for sure!
Big Daddy has a friend that he works with who kills his hogs and prepares lots of goodies in the late fall. We always buy a bunch of his sausage. I'm telling you it's delicious! I was so happy when Big Daddy fried us some up this morning to go along with some biscuits!
After getting that ready, I doned on my sexiest outfit to go across the road and check on mammaw. Here's what I mean by sexy:
An old old housedress, a pair of flannel pajama bottoms, some Christmas socks, and some black flats. All topped off with Big Daddy's huge quilted flannel jacket. I still had bed head too!
You should have seen it--well.....maybe not!
I was hoping nobody would see me but Mammaw, and she has Moderate Dementia, so she wouldn't remember how bad I looked in about 15 minutes anyway!!
As I had finished changing the bandage on her back from the bedsore, and cleaning her house, my daddy walked in. You should have seen the look on his face! I busted out laughing and so did he.
After coming back to The Doublewide, I've sorted all the laundry and cleaned the den and kitchen. I really should wash the shower curtains and bed linens, but they're not complaining, so it may be Monday now! You seriously should see the piles of laundry! Ugh....
Now--for my crazy afternoon yesterday....
I left school to go pick up Lil R from daycare. I was sitting at the stoplight and heard some tires screaching. As I looked into my rearview mirror, I knew what was fixin' to go down.
This crazy lady, seriously, hit an older model Honda Accord. Then she backed up and rammed him again. It rammed him into a big Dodge pickup, which rammed the Dodge into ME! Dern! I've only had the van like 3 weeks and already got rear-ended.
Crazy part---The "crazy lady" then backed up again and sped off. Luckily, a guy in a parking lot right at us got her tag number.
I'm ok and I'm really thankful that I didn't have Lil R in the car too!
So after freezing and waiting on our wonderful police dept. to get finished with gathering his information, I went to pick up Lil R. When I walked in the gym, he was pulling up his jockies in the bathroom with the door wide open! He made it all week at school with no accidents! One of his teachers told me that he fell and his nose had just stopped bleeding!
So, I told Big Daddy I thought it was best for us to just go home and get out of everybody's way! He agreed!
My brother-in-law called and said they were bringing stuff for supper to The Doublewide. I think he felt sorry for me. He works across the street from where the big bump up happened, and he came out there to check on me. That was really nice!
So we fixed stuff for tacos and stuffed our guts royally!
After finishing supper, we just hung out and played. Lil R really had fun riding around the kitchen on Big Daddy's shoulders. He used to hate it, but now loves it!
The best thing about yesterday, aside from the fact that Lil R wasn't in the van was that my first piece of my Pink Milk Glass came yesterday!! I love it and am attaching a picture of it with one of the pink doilies I bought at the antique store last week. Since we're staying in today, hopefully I'll get something done besides laundry, and the only accidents happening around here will be in Lil R's jockies--hahahahahha!
Have a great day!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, no! I'm glad you are okay and no one was hurt!!

Today is definitely a great day to stay in, as cold as it is, but hubby and me are going out later for an "anniversary dinner"....if it wasn't a special thing, I would consider fixing some chili and beans and just staying home this evening!


Ginger said...

Wow! You had a really exciting day. So glad you're o.k. You deserve a day to rest, relax, eat and enjoy! By the way the vase is beautiful! Is that similar to pink depression glass? My mama has a couple of pieces of that, but I think she also has a couple of little pieces that look very similar to the kind in your picture.

Cat said...

SHUT UP! I am not believing your pretty new van is wrecked! But of course I'm glad you were okay. BTW, your taco stuff looked excellent..any left overs?