Sunday, January 25, 2009

Sweet, Sweet, Southern Sundays

Honestly, there's NO wonder Sunday is my favorite day of the week! I just adore me a good ole Southern Sunday--there's NOTHING like it!
Here's why:
*Wake up a little later than normal
*You have time for coffee at home instead of at work
*I get to prepare my heart for worship
*I get to spend the day with family--both church and biological
*I get to go to church WITH my family--that is a BLESSING!
*I enjoy spending time with friends at church
*I always get something out of Preacher Matt's sermons--God always uses him to speak to me; sometimes quietly and sometimes mightily
*I enjoy eating Sunday Dinners with my family.
*Me and Lil R always take a sweet nap together in "Mama's Big Bed"
*We go back to church in the evenings
*There's time spent with friends outside of the church building talking and laughing
*Lil R always gets to "show off" at church. Today his Sunday School teacher told me how smart he was
So those are my reasons I love Sundays.
Tonight as I sit here, drinking my coffee, dreading tomorrow, I'm praying that God will remind me on Mondays what a great day Sundays are.


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

I, too love Sundays! Let me share with you what my sister said recently in a "Facebook" post...she looks at Mondays as a new her an opportunity to start all over....a chance to do better...
I'm like you, Monday's are not my favorite, so after reading what she had said, it kind of gave me a different perspective about Mondays! Which I needed!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

To answer your question or my blog, I go to Berea Baptist on Hickory Grove Road...if you'e going toward McAdenville from Stanley, it's on your left before you get to Dollar General at Four Points!!

I pass Community Baptist every day going to work in Dallas!!


CatRoberts said...

I didn't get a chance to tell you that I really enjoyed you and Chingy Sunday. I love that song! The whole service that morning was just so good and you could feel Gods presence. I hate I'm not ever there on Sunday night but I know the kids will get something out of what's being taught to them. Love you girl! Keep on singing..

Sit A Spell said...

I love Sundays too...ever heard that country song...What I like about Sundays?

Glad you stopped by to sit a spell...did you see my post on Point of Grace? I think you would like their new cd since you like bluegrass...the new CD leans that way on many songs. I love it!

Sure wish I was a NC mama...God has us up north for now. It is our dream to retire in NC. If HE would get us there sooner, I'd be alright with that too! ; )

Ginger said...

I'm with you all the way! Sundays are just wonderful...gotta love em!