Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pure-T Cute! promised, here's the CUTEST Post EVER!
Yesterday, after picking up Robbie from daycare, we made our weekly trip to the library. He LOVES me reading to him every night at bedtime. I always get a minimum of 21 books which is 3/night. It seemed that I needed a little more than 21 and my big library book basket was super heavy and really full! After we checked out everything, I turned around and there was Big Daddy coming in the door of the library! Woo-Hoo! I "let" him carry the heavy books to the minivan. Instead of going straight home, I stopped in to check on my cousin, Kelly, who had some surgery this past Friday. She has a daughter who is six months older than Robbie. They adore each other and have always played really well together. After visiting for a little bit, it was time to head home. Both kids didn't want to be seperated from each other, so Anna Kate came over to our house for a little bit! This is the first time Robbie's had somebody over for a few hours to play and man was it a HOOT!
We started off by watching about, oh let's say, 15 minutes of "Everybody's Hero"--a Disney movie...I have the feelin' they're both a little ADHD....since it didn't last that long! Hee hee!
Afterwards, there was a little bit of playing Robbie's games from Christmas. They played Elefun, GoFish, Carribou Island, and some little monkey game. Anna Kate was beside herself at how messy Robbie's room is. She was fussing at him and told him how he needed to get that mess cleaned up! He was fussing right back and told her that he LIKES messy rooms! It was SOO funny!
Then it was SUPPER TIME! WOOHOO! I had a Chef Boyardee Family Size Pizza kit so I pulled it out and knew we were in for a great time!
After making the dough, and setting it aside so it could rise, I got the kids ready to make their pizzas!
Then I had to make sure their aprons were tied correctly and I took advantage of a fun picture taking opportunity!
Told ya, aren't they cute??
Then after the dough had risen enough, I spread it out on two different pans, gave each of them a spoon and let each one get the sauce spread out onto the dough. Then came pepperoni and cheese time! They were sooo precious, and Big Daddy caught one of them sneaking pepperoni's instead of putting them on the pizza....hee hee
Finally they were done and it was time to put the pizzas in the oven! Is this precious or what?!
Now we had to wait on our pizzas to get done...that was the HARD part!
YAY! It's ready!
Sayin' the blessing!
And...we ALL give it a THUMBS UP!
Finally, it was time for Kate-Kate to go home. Robbie wouldn't get off of his tricycle long enough to really hug her, so she had to "make-do" with what she got! Thanks Kate-Kate for coming to hang out and for making pizzas with us! Come back ANYTIME!

Y'all have a GREAT day today! Enjoy the little things!


Cheryl said...

Awwww, they are so cute. Now I bet she will have to make pizza at home ... hehehe. Sounds it was a fun time at your house!

Big Daddy is a sweetie, sounds like he's a keeper!

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

You were totally not storying. That was precious. Now I'm wanting pizza!