Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Daddy's Big Idea!

Hey Y'all! First of all I want to wish each and every one of you a HAPPY 2010!!!
We rang in the new year last night at my best friend's house! We had such a good time and we all took food over there because truly, what's a New Year's Eve party without some grub, right?!
I took ham biscuits, chocolate covered peanuts, chocolate Mounds balls, and a marinated salad. Can we all say YUMMY?!!
Anyway--we rang in the new year and enjoyed J-Lo shakin' it on TV just before the countdown---ok not really...but...yep...
We came home and went straight to bed. I finally knocked out around 2:15 am. I had to be up this morning and be at The Cracker Barrel at 9:00 am to meet my girlfriends from school. We all grew up together and had a great time chatting at breakfast and doing a little shopping afterwards. I think I got home around 1:30 which was great...still plenty of day left!
I went into the kitchen and got the black eyed peas ready. Threw a huge ham bone in the pot with them and let them cook all day!
There were 8 of us here for supper tonight and the menu consisted of:
Ham biscuits (leftover from last night)
black-eyed peas
Turnip and collard greens, mixed
Fried hog jowls
cornbread muffins
and Big Daddy's Sweet tea!
I am so full still that I could bust--literally!
After taking mammaw her medicine and getting her tucked in for the night, I've found that I'm pooped!
I started a new crochet scarf right after dinner. My daddy was trying to mess me up while I was doing 202 chain stitches to start it. I did end up having to pull all of the stitches out and start over, but only daddy knows what's good for him and when it's time to stop! hahaha explain the title of this post!
Me and Big Daddy were talking tonight about our plans for tomorrow.
Robbie's bedroom is a war-zone, disaster area, pig-sty, whirlwind/tornado aftermath, etc. You get the picture, right?
For all of you that have had a 3 year old-going on 18-little boy, you should totally get what I'm sayin'!
So....tomorrow we tackle his room.
There is a man who works with him who has a son about a year younger than Robbie. He's going to meet up with Big Daddy tomorrow night to get loaded up with clothes that no longer will fit Robbie. Y'all---that boy is growing so fast, we can't keep up with his wardrobe! As soon as I think he's set, he'll hit a growing spell and we need to go up a size in everything!
So, after we get everything done, that will be one room cleaned out!
Big Dadddy's plan is this: Every Saturday, one room gets cleaned out! I counted Saturdays on the calendar, and there are 13 Saturdays until Spring Break.
Here are the rooms that will be worked on:
1. Robbie's Room
2. Guest Bedroom (IT'S THE WORST!)
3. My office/craft room
4. Both Bathrooms
5. Our kitchen
6. Living room/den
7. Our Bedroom
That leaves us 6 Saturdays to enjoy ourselves too! I think we'll do every other Saturday so that we don't go plum crazy!
Y'all, I am a major pack-rat, hoarder, what have you.
This has to stop.
I cannot have a path through rooms and it's almost that bad.
To make myself accountable, I'm going to resolve, (yup--the dreaded ole New Year's Resolution)
to make sure these rooms are cleaned out and de-cluttered, so that my new floors that have been in the living room for a year now, can be put down during spring break.
I promise to post before and after pictures so that you can see what a huge undertaking it is.
It will be very hard for me to do this--because it show's how much I've neglected this house and how much time has been spent on the computer playing stupid Farmville and Fish World, and Bubble Pop, and Farkle, and Fishville....etc.
No more of all of that! It's plumb crazy.
Be sure to come back tomorrow night for our before and after of Robbie's room!
Have a great Saturday!


Cheryl said...

That is one reason why I don't start with Farmville and Fish World, would not be able to stop.

Years ago I spent lots of time on the puter and let my house go. When we moved 2 years ago, I promised myself I would keep it clean and shining. Feels good when people drop in and make a remark about how nice it looks.

Good luck and can't wait to see pics.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

That IS a good idea. Hank would go for it. Can't start today, though because we're taking Lorelai and her friends to the farm to four wheel and so forth. Next Saturday, we tackle the spare bedroom. It's possible that we could go in there and get lost in all of the junk that has piled up.