Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween post...a little late

Hey Y'all! I'm getting pretty stinky at posting lately. We're just so busy, and it's not looking like it's going to "let up" until after Christmas, so please bear with me.
Everytime I talk to my mama, she reminds me that I haven't posted a new blog lately and I don't think she's real happy about it! haha
Let me bring you up to date...
Robbie didn't want to be Diego for Halloween after all. He just decided that right about when I was getting ready to put him in his costume to go trick-or-treating and then to our church's festival. After our discussion, (cough, cough) he proceeds to tell me that he wants to dress up like his daddy! So....I grabbed a pair of overalls, a flannel jacket, and boots. That was just fine with him until I got a brown eyeliner stick to draw a goatee. Oh Lord, help me! It was CRAZY and I almost had to beat the child to get him to get in the van. Again, I'm kidding...kindof!
Then...I called mammaw and told her I was bringing Robbie over to trick-or-treat and she almost had a nervous breakdown because she didn't have any candy to give him. I told her I'd sneak her some and she was fine. When we walked in, I handed her a Tootsie Pop and she thanked me! She said she didn't know how long it had been since she'd had a lolipop! HAHAHAHAHAHA
So we finally headed out to do our trick-or-treating....leaving behind one happy mammaw unwrapping a Tootsie Pop!
Lord, give me strength!
Here's the pictures:


What's next said...

That is too funny. I hope people bring me tootsie pops when I don't remember why I need them! He looked so cute! Glad you had a good halloween

Cheryl said...

To cute! You did a great job. Sounds like your Halloween was great.

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

They are QUITE a pair, aren't they? He's cute as he can be and what a compliment to his daddy that he wanted to dress up like him for Halloween.