Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Things I Think are AWESOME!

Hey Y'all!
I have decided to post about some things I've found on Etsy recently that are great ideas, practical, or just plain cute!
I hope you enjoy my little window-blog-shopping experience today.
Click on these people's shops in case you're wanting to get anything pictured. Nobody has paid me and these people haven't asked that they be featured today. These are just things I want you to see.
Christmas will be here beforetoo long and you might see something that you just can't live without!
First I found the CUTEST apron! I love me some polka dots and I love aprons too! This one is just darling!
Run on over to Apron's and More to check out her aprons. This one is $23.00. While you're there, take a peek at the most precious and cutest ever little dish soap bottle aprons too! They're a STEAL at only $4.25 and aren 't they adorable? Her mama is going through radiation treatments right now, so keep their family in your prayers please.
Next I found the neatest things! People are doing everything they can now to "Go Green." This smart gal has lots of lunch bags and snacks that can be washed an used over and over again! This little sandwich bag is my favorite! It closes with velcro and you can get yours for $7.00. Go see Torrilynn and grab a few of these:
Next, I've been looking at these on Etsy for a LONG time. I really want one, but I may try and make my own soon. It's a cute and soft cover for your camera strap. Mine's just plain black--you know the one that came with my camera? I really like the look of these and what better way to be stylin' while snappin? Click HERE run on over to HolyMacro's shop and check them out. The one below is $21.95:
Now, I've seen items from The Brick Kiln sellers for awhile on Etsy because they're so unique and I love checking out their work. They are a mother and daughter team from Georgia and they're so creative! Since I'm a teacher, this HAS to be my favorite thing in their Etsy shop right now. There are so many things to choose from so click HERE and go buy LOTS!
And this little dish! It's beautiful!And I may have to get Robbie one of these for Christmas this year, in the "boy" model, of course!
I absolutely love these folks on Etsy at Gudonya, pronounced, GOOD ON YA. They have the BEST whipped soaps ever! I chose their Strawberry Fields to show you today, but I love all of their scents. Check them out by clicking HERE and buying one for all your girlfriends!
Ok y'all...I'm done for now!
Hope you enjoyed our little shopping trip! We'll have to do it again soon!


Aprons and More said...

Thanks Michelle! So glad you love the aprons!! :)


Cheryl said...

Going to check out the site.

Oh wait, you forgot to list your charge card number ....hehehe

Cheryl said...

Oh now you have started something. My 1st purchase on Etsy.

Brown and Gold Metallic Beaded Badge Lanyard
from MelissasBeads

For my ID badge @ work.

Southern Traditions Boutique said...

Thanks so much Michelle for the "spotlight" on my reusable sandwich bag :) THANKS THANKS THANKS!

Cool blog too. Your little one is just precious :)
God Bless,

Farmchick said...

Oh wow--I love the apron for sure! Thanks for sharing! Hope all is well with you--stove over for a visit when you can. :) Have a great day!