Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Eat, sing, swim, praise--all in about two days' work.

Let's see....
Where did I leave off last time?
Oh...yes...our busy day last Friday.
Saturday was filled with lots of fun! I had to write out the bills for the month....UGH! Big Daddy went and picked Robbie up from Nanny's that afternoon and then we headed to Shogun with my best friend Sharon and her daughter Ally. We had a great time and Robbie loves seeing the fire on that Hibachi grill! Besides the fried rice, I guess that's his favorite part about going to a sit down Japanese restaurant and having them cook for you. My mouth just watered as I was typing that last sentence. Oh how I love me some Japanese Hibachi Steak with mushrooms! Wooo-doggie!
Sunday is God's day and our day of rest. We had regular church Sunday morning and then we ended up going to Tommy's BBQ on Hwy. 321 in Dallas. I just googled for a picture, but there wasn't one. If you're from around these parts, you know exactly where I'm talking about.
Sunday night was our Vacation Bible School Commencement program at church. When Robbie's class got up to sing/dance their two songs, he pitched a fit and wanted "DOWN!" I had to hold him in my lap while I sat in the floor and sang with the kids. I don't understand why that happened because I don't mind getting up in front of a crowd. Maybe he's like his Big Daddy when it comes to crowds. I hope not though!
Here are a few pictures of the service:
That LOOK on his face??!! Priceless!
Sunday night after church I went to Mammaw's and cleaned her house and gave her a bath. This was NOT fun because she didn't want to get out of her chair, but it had to be done. Thank God that my friend Julie is back to work at Mammaw's this week. She had surgery and got the OK from the dr. to return to her babysitting job. It has really helped me out so far this week because I've had teacher workshops the past two days. Because of that, Robbie had to go to daycare yesterday. He's been home with me all summer and I didn't know how he would do when I dropped him off. That little booger was so happy to be there and I almost had to MAKE him give me some sugar before I left.
While I was at a luncheon yesterday that was sponsored by our local newspaper, The Gaston Gazette, I met up with an old friend of mine. Brian Jackson was our entertainment during the luncheon! He was my junior prom date. haha Neither one of us had a date and we were good friends, so we went. I am NOT EVEN going to dig out THAT picture, because my cousin did my hair and I think it was her secret mission to make me look like Martha Washington with black hair--and that's all I'm going to say about that--except for the fact that I've never really forgiven her either. ok...done! hahah
Anyway, Brian did a great job! He has a website and everything! Check out his music by clicking here. You can even go to itunes and download his music...seriously, he's good.
Here's a bad picture, because he was so far away, of Brian singing yesterday:
Last night we went swimming at our friend Jan's house. She's my sister's mother-in-law and we
always enjoy swimming at her house!
Here's two pictures from last night:
#1. Robbie sporting his flipper feet while my best friend's husband, Steve, helped him out of the water!
#2. Robbie and my sister, Doodah. I just LOVE this picture!
Today is my mama's 57th birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MAMA!
We're going out tonight for supper to celebrate. By belly is happy about that!
One last thing, I just found a great 300th post giveaway over at All Things Southern and Preppy! Go there NOW and enter, you'll be glad you did!
Have a great afternoon!

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Cat said...

I hate that we missed VBS commencement Sunday night..but I was glad to be at the beach. :) Sharon said Clemmer taped it so I hope to get to watch it. Its always such a good service. Happy Birthday to your mama!!!