Saturday, August 15, 2009

Sweet Sweet Saturday

Not a lot going on at The Doublewide today--not unless you count cleaning, doing laundry, crocheting, and playing as "a lot."
Big Daddy left me and Robbie in the bed this morning and headed off to the flea-market that's nearby. He only bought some razor blade refills then headed to get his hair cut.
He brought home some lunch for us and took Robbie outside to play on his swing set and when they came in, Robbie's hair was soaked with sweat!
My summer vacation is almost over! This Monday, I take Robbie back to daycare full time and then I start back on Wednesday. I'm not happy about having to go back, but I'm looking forward to it at the same time.
As I child I would love to take all my new school supplies out, lie them on my bed, and look at and smell everything. I love the smell of new pencils and a new box of crayons and it gets me excited about the new possibilites.
I ask that you pray for the teachers and students for this upcoming school year. Every year I try to sit in each chair in my classroom and say a prayer for each and every student that will sit in that chair during the year. If you're a teacher too, I encourage you to do this. We never know what kind of homes a lot of our students come from and prayer NEVER hurts anything.
Y'all have a wonderful day today and I'll close with the beautiful view of my backyard clothesline as I look out the back window!


Belle (from Life of a...) said...

What a sweet sweet thing to do...sitting in each desk and saying a prayer for the children. I know that you'll have a great year with your new crop of kids. Our students return tomorrow and I start my day greeting those attending our disciplinary alternative school for grades 6-12. Some of the kids bring so much baggage with them. I'm praying that each of them will have a breakthrough this year that will get them back on the straight and narrow.

What's next said...

hope back to school is going well! Those inservices about kill me... Have a great year!!