Monday, June 15, 2009

Medicated and Motivated!

Does this picture not make you want to CRACK UP? That's how I feel right now!
I'm out for the summer and Mondays are actually like a Friday for me. I know, I know, I shouldn't brag, but I can't help it! YOU teach middle school for awhile and you'll totally understand my gidiness!
I hope y'all had a fabulous weekend! Ours was busy, but LONG!
As you know, Friday morning I went to have oral surgery. I had the wisdom tooth on the top right and the tooth right next to it cut out. I had a rough day yesterday. Friday and Saturday weren't nearly as bad as yesterday, but today I feel much better!
I actually enjoyed a gravy biscuit from Hardee's this morning.
I took Robbie to daycare, as this will be his last week for the summer. I went through the drive-through and got me and mammaw some breakfast. After we ate, I gave her a bath and did a little cleaning while I was there. One of my best friends Julie, her babysitter, is only going to be working 4 days a week this summer so I will be taking care of mammaw on the three days she's not there.
Mammaw's having good days and bad days--more bad than good. Her health is ok, her mind is getting worse. Somebody turned around in her driveway late Friday night. She thought somebody was outside her windows with a flashlight and called her sister looking for me. Which then made them call me and I was already on my way over to take her medicine to her. She was truly scared and was glad to see me. It's amazing how your mind can play tricks on you. I had to go through and show her that every door and every window was locked "tighter than Dick's hat-band" (as she says), just so she could calm down and turn in for the night. Bless her heart.
As I was giving her her bath this morning, she said, "With all the baths I gave you all of your life, I never thought I'd live to see the day where you have to give me a bath." As she said that she almost got teary eyed on me. I told her that it was ok and that I was happy to do it. Sometimes I pray that God will just take her home to be with Him. So that her mind will be back to normal and she can see Pappaw, and Mike, their son that was killed at age 9 from being hit by a drunk driver. I know she has many friends and family members waiting to see her in heaven, but I also know that God knows what He's doing. Please pray for my strength and sanity while I help her. On her good days she's so funny and I truly enjoy just sitting on her couch and spending time with her.
This weekend we were able to get Robbie's new-to-us bedroom furniture put in this room. I put his new quilt on the bed and I really talked it up to him about how he was going to get to be a big boy and sleep in his new bed. That lasted all of about 10 minutes after I climbed in bed with him. I thought I'd lie there until he fell asleep, but when I went to get up, he cried to go to my bed. I couldn't make him stay--it was comin' up a storm, so I took him to mine and Big Daddy's bed and we slept like babies!
Well--I'm off here to get some things done around the house today!
Robbie's tonsil removal is next Monday so I have to get busy!
Have a great day today!
Be blessed!


Cat said...

Glad you were able eat something yummy today! :)

Ginger said...

Good news you're feeling better! Best of luck with the bedtime routine. :)

Belle (from Life of a...) said...

As a former middle school teacher, I say to you, ENJOY EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF YOUR SUMMER VACATION!!!

Hope that the tonsil removal will go smoothly. My now 23 year old Legare had his out when he was not quite problems at all except that he talked through his nose for a few months after. It was so cute!!