Saturday, June 20, 2009

I'm Just Plum Wore Slap Out!

And if you ain't from The South, that means I'm really tired! HAHA
We went out to eat with Big Daddy's Daddy and Step-Mama last night at Logan's Roadhouse in Gastonia. It's been a week since I had two teeth cut out of my mouth because an impacted wisdom tooth decided to move in sideways onto the root of my back tooth! Can I tell you how wonderfully awesome it felt to crunch a salad and grind a ribeye in my mouth? Yumm-O!
As it usually goes, Robbie begged Pop Pop and MiMi to go home with them. hee hee Of course they wanted him to go to, so we had the night to ourselves. Me and Big Daddy have had a long week and it was nice just to come home and go straight to bed. I got my hair cut again yesterday and I opted for the stick up in the back style. I love it because it's so easy to fix and I'm always in a hurry. So, other than trying to get fixed on my pillows so that I could read that 15 lb. hardcover book, "Breaking Dawn," I enjoyed myself. That's the last book in the "Twilight" series and they're really good. I think I probably just laid there and read for over an hour and it was so nice and relaxing.
After being woke up to the sound of my daddy on the lawn mower across the road at Mammaw's, I decided to get out of the bed. Had my coffee and then it was ON!
Me and Big Daddy started moving all of the old furniture out and I began the process of cleaning up the new to us leather furniture. It was NOT fun, but it's done. Murphy's Oil soap is great for cleaning leather furniture--just in case you ever need to do it.
Before we knew it, everything was out and then in and it was lunch time. On our way to eat with my daddy and a few of his buddies at the local greasy spoon, I spotted a yard sale. Only bought a cute little dark brown suede leather lamp shade for Robbie's new lamp. It's a vintage western wagon lamp and it looks so good in his little cowboy room, don'tcha think?
I also bought this cute pottery had and pistol piece to put on his dresser for $3.99. It's cute too!
After lunch me and Big Daddy took lunch to mammaw and I did the usual Saturday morning cleaning. We then left and headed to Big Lots to buy his Father's Day gift. Me and Robbie got him a Cuddler Recliner. It's a really dark brown and it's leather. It's SOOOOO comfy and Big Daddy is in the den right now, trying it out! Here's a picture of it! And here's Big Daddy himself in his chair!

So check THAT ONE off the list--Big Daddy is WAY happy!! hee hee
While we were in Big Lots, I wanted to look at the Martha Stewart paper craft items that they've been advertising. I couldn't find them, but while I was looking around, I found a large bin of floor rugs. I looked through and spotted a HUGE rug that looked like it would match our den once we get our fake hardwoods installed. The price tag said $19.00, but there was a $75.00 price on the paper rolled up in the rug. I took it up and the girl scanned the $19.00 tag and BAM! I just got one HECK of a deal!!
Here's the proof!
And here's the rug:
While we were moving things out, I could NOT bear to part with Robbie's changing table. Just couldn't do it!
So...I have moved it into the craft/office/junk room and have found a good use for it. Light fabrics and my big basket of trim and ribbons on the bottom. Cute little lime green baskets for doodads on the top shelf. Him getting older is killing me a little each day, so this will always be in sight as a reminder to treasure each moment God gives us with him.

Yesterday was Robbie's last day at Daycare for the summer. They had a Father's Day party and dads and pappaws were invited. They had brownies and ice cream with chocolate milk to drink. The kids sang a song and presented their homemade "gifts" to their dads. This is Big Daddy's favorite. You'll have to click on it so that you can read it, but his teacher asked them questions about their dads and then wrote their responses, just as they were telling them. Tooo Tooo precious!

Now I've got to get in my kitchen and get busy. It's a wreck!
Hope y'all have had a fun day!
Be blessed!


Ginger said...

I'm with you...I'm plum wore slap out too. Your day sounds as busy as mine. After reading your last post, I thought I'd better get busy on my "to do" list or it would be time to go back to school.

Between yesterday and today, I've cleaned until I'm sore! But it's a good sore.

I love the chair. What a great gift. Thanks for sharing the idea about Murphy's Oil Soap on leather. I didn't know about that. We have an old leather recliner that's at least 20 years old that is really beginning to show its age. I'll give it a shot and add that to my list! Ha!!!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

As always, a great post!! I loved the chair!! It looks so comfy!!


Cat said...

Hope everything goes well with Robbies surgery today! He's in my prayers.