Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Flower Power!

Hey Y'all!
I have been checking out some tutorial blogs lately. I found a fabric flower tutorial here from Dawn! She's sooo talented and I have fallen in love with her work instantly! I could sit reading her blog for days if I had enough time! So I decided to play a bit and try to make some of her flowers. Here are a few of the one's I have made in the last two days:

The blue matching headbands were gifts for my two little cousins, Rachael and Anna Kate. They're first cousins and they're precious to me! They've just NOW stopped calling Robbie "Baby Robbie" and Anna Kate's only 6 months older than Robbie! haha They're the cutest, sweetest, and funniest little girls I know!
The yellow one is going to church tonight. We're having our monthly women's meeting and we're all allowed to take up to 4 items to be auctioned off. The money will go towards our youth group's summer mission trip.
Also, please celebrate with us as Robbie has had a good day yesterday with going poo in the potty. After school I took him to Wendy's and bought him a Frosty! Then we went out to eat last night and we let him wear his MVP Blue Ribbon--which, of course, stood for Most Valuable Pooper! You should have seen the look on the waitress' face when he told her what the MVP stood for!
Also, tomorrow is my last day of piano lessons until school starts back next year! I'm excited, but sad too. I'm gonna miss my little babies during the summer and I hope they'll still come back for more next year.
Have a good evening!
Be Blessed!


Garry / Cheryl said...

You are so talented! Did a great job on the flowers.

Little R is going to be a big boy soon ... WTG Mr Pooper.

Ginger said...

I love the headbands! Boy does Lil R's blue ribbon bring back memories of days when I would drive to Baskin Robbins to get mint chocolate chip!