Thursday, June 18, 2009

Creative Day plans weren't to do much today! I paid for Robbie to go to daycare this week so I could get the carpet up and get things ready so that our new flooring man could come and put them down. He has a sister that's hospitalized right now, so as our luck would go, we've been put on hold.
After taking Robbie to daycare this morning, I took mammaw her breakfast and ate mine there too. We had a good little visit, but she wasn't fully awake, so I didn't try and get on her nerves by hanging out too long.
I came home and had every intention of lying on the couch to catch up on some TV shows that I'd DVR'd. I ended up only watching 1 episode of "Dog, The Bounty Hunter" and then that creative/cleaning/get up and do something you lazy oaf urge hit me.
I really wanted to just take a shower and go junkin' again! Me, mama and Robbie went this past Tuesday and there wasn't anything much. I did get a few good things but wasn't in the mood to make myself get ready! hahah
I got online and got caught up on my blog reading and played some games on Pogo awhile. Then I did all of this:
*Three loads of laundry
*Cleaned Robbie's room and made his bed (That he STILL won't sleep in!)
*Made Robbie a pillow to match his decor out of some bandana fabric. It's the one on the right.
*Cleaned the bathrooms
*Cleaned my office/craft/junk room
*Made this awesome name plaque for Robbie. The "dot" on the I is an old washer and an old button.
*Shopped on Etsy and bought these cuties from one of my favorite bloggers: Magpie Ethel. You can visit her cute little adorable breath-taking shop here.*Made these cute little Key Fob keychains. I bought the kit in March and just now got around to getting them made.
*Went through and bagged a jewelry order for my cousin Kelly. *Covered some strawberries in sugar and will make some Strawberry Preserves tonight!
*Organized some old kitchen gadgets a friend of mine from church gave me. He also gave me the old dough bowl they're in!
*Put the milk glass creamer and sugar set my mammaw gave me on my little kitchen cabinet shelf.
*Celebrated with my little man because he pooped on the pottie and not in his jockies! We are STILL struggling but thankful for evenings with dry jockies at bath time!
*Neglected my nap because I DID some stuff today!
I'll leave you with a few shots of Robbie's new Cowboy Bedroom! Enjoy!
You can't see this very well because the sun is setting outside the widow, but there are two bandanas tied to both ends of the curtain rod. Thought it was cute!
See that picture framed above the chest of drawers? We had a Pig Pickin' to celebrate Robbie's adoption becomming final. I asked everyone to get in the picture and they also signed the matte for the frame. We probably had around 100 people here at The Doublewide that evening! I love this and I know when he gets older, he will really appreciate it too.
Did you get anything accomplished today? I know I did and it feels great! WOOHOO!
Be blessed!


Ginger said...

You got a lot accomplished! I'm impressed. I've yet to get much done on my "to do" list.

Robbie's room is adorable. I love the pillows.

Garry / Cheryl said...

Such energy! I will leave my house key under the flower pot on back steps. Help yourself! hehehe

(love R's bedroom)

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Wow!! You were really busy!! I love Robbie's room! You are so talented!!


Amanda Beaty said...

I see Robbie loves the smiley face tea set the best too...heheheeee!!