Friday, June 20, 2008

Is it Friday Night Already?

Whew--I started this whole blog thingy with full intentions of updating nightly--kindof like a public diary. That didn't go well at ALL!
Since I got a new teaching position for the upcoming year as our Life Skills teacher (Home Ec. as most of you know it) I have been moving classrooms this week. I really didn't know I had accumulated all that crap over the past eight years. I was throwing things away like a wild woman--all the while in my mind I kept telling myself, "This would go well on Ebay", but who has that kind of time with a two year old? Not I said the Little Red Hen!
I am really looking forward to tomorrow. It's boys day out here at the Hersey House. I'm going to do some long overdue scrapbooking with my sister and a few friends.
I am going to bed now--I can hear a great novel calling me from my nightstand.

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