Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

Whew...what a day!
Today was wonderful but I hope it was AWESOME for Ronnie. He's such a good daddy.
He got up early this morning, because he went from our bed to the couch to the spare bedroom. Robbie FINALLY went to sleep at 1:45AM. I so hate it when he gets his naps off schedule and can't/won't go to sleep.
Anyway...back to Ronnie... He ended up going to Wal-Mart early because he saw this pair of boots he wanted to get for his dad. So he brought home some Bojangles and we had breakfast before church.
Church was awesome. My daddy and Ronnie's daddy both were there. Me and my sister sang the special--it was a bluegrass number and we brought the house down! hahahahahha After church we went to "The Steakhouse on the Hill on 321". If you're from around here, you KNOW where that is. We went with Ronnie's dad and his stepmom met us there.
After that, we came home and had a long nap--all of us. At 6, my family met here to celebrate Father's Day with my daddy. I fixed....(get a napkin because your mouth's gonna water), Chicken Pie, Green Beans, Rice, Deviled Eggs, Tomatoes and Cukes, and for dessert I made brownies and homemade ice cream.
My buddy, Avery Crawford came and ate with us. We just love him.
I just realized that I didn't take NOT ONE picture today. How horrible is that?
Oh well...happy Father's Day all you dads!

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