Saturday, June 14, 2008

And Away We Goooooooo this is my first attempt at blogging. I can't believe I'm almost 37 years old and I'm finally doing this.

Today was a wonderful day. I awoke to the sound of Robbie BEATING THE FIRE (pronounced FAR) out of the washing machine to a rhythm all his own. Ronnie was Lord knows where while the little drummer boy proceeded to wake me with his God given musical talent!

After kissing the both of them goodbye, (since they were going for breakfast and haircuts), I decided to drag it out of the bed and hit the coffee pot. Just plain old Folgers for me with lots of Sweet N Low and French Vanilla Creamer. After that got through my blood, I set in to doing what I felt needed to be done today.

I finished the Father's Day Slide Show for church, after about 4 hours! The load of white clothes in the dryer is still there from two days ago! I put it off because I hate folding draws and jockies and mating socks!

I loaded the dishwasher, but didn't start it... I folded the quilt from mammaw and put it back on the couch, where it stays!

Ronnie and Robbie arrived home and I honestly must say I wasn't ready. I was so enjoying my time alone.

We spent the rest of the day playing in Robbie's tent and eating snacks: bananas and puffs, and coloring with his big boy crayons on styrofoam plates! Mama came over and hung out while Ronnie cut the grass and changed the oil in my car. I told him that my back right tire felt low so he put some air in it. I neglected to tell him that I've ran over a dern nail somehow--imagine that! I feel a trip to Wester's Tire comin' on!
After mama left, Robbie took a little nap. He sure didn't get his nap out while riding home with his daddy--Nap length: 45 minutes. Robbie's REQUIRED nap length: 2 hours! I let him sleep from 6 to 7, but got him up so that he would go to bed at a decent hour. It's now 11:35 and he's in the bed, playing, chatting, anything to keep from going to sleep!
We had to go to the Double DG (my name for The Dollar General)--don't ask, to get some Father's Day cards for tomorrow. We'll be doing lunch with Ronnie's dad and step-mom and then supper with my daddy. I'm fixin' Chicken and Dumplings for daddy..Ronnie is soooo thrilled! hahahahhahahahahahah
Ok--that's enough for now. I'll ramble forever if I could!
I'll be back tomorrow with Father's Day pictures.

Robbie's Tent

Our Crayons and Our Masterpiece

Snack of choice today!

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