Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Today it's MY Turn!

The past two days have been loaded with workshops for teachers here at the Doublewide! In my school system they have two days near when we go back, devoted to offering a wide variety of workshops that we need for renewal credit.
Every five years teacher's must renew their certificates--and it's a LOT of hard work.
Here's what is involved in case you want to know:
During a five year cycle you must earn 15 credits. 1 credit=10 hours so 150 hours of classes must be taken!!
You get 1 credit for each year you teach, so that takes care of 5....
10 to go....

3 must be in reading (whether you teach reading or not) Now THAT makes sense...NOT

2 in technology, which is understandable since I actually worked with a lady last year that didn't know how to check her school email and came into my room demanding that I use MY ink that I PAY FOR to print all 94 emails FOR HER! I think she was smoking something before she got to me!

3 in your area that you teach. Since I now teach Life Skills (the old Home Ec.) I guess I'll be going to Gaston College and taking a sewing class at my expense? hmmmm

2 in anything else.

Granted you have 5 years for completion, but come on. Let me remind you that the whole time we're taking these classes, we do NOT get paid. more reason I think that handing out smiley face stickers at Wal-Mart isn't a bad idea.

Anyway--nothing will ever match the feeling of running into a former student and having them hug your neck and say thank you.
Nothing will ever match the feeling of getting a message on Myspace from a student that just graduated telling you that YOU were the only one they ever felt cared about them and the rest of the class.
Nothing will ever match the feeling of having a former student ask you to play the piano in her wedding and tell everyone at the rehearsal dinner how much you mean to her.
Nothing will ever match the feeling of having people you know call the school and beg for their child to get to be in your class.
Nothing will ever match the feeling of opening a thank you card in late July from a student you just had, who you worked hard with, telling you thank you for working with him and that you are awesome.

ALL of those things don't come with a paycheck either, but they're truly priceless.

As your children start back to school, know they're walking into a classroom where the teacher could make more money working at McDonald's and have MORE benefits there. Know that your kid's teacher is there because he/she WANTS to be there. Know that they love your child almost as much as you do. Know that they want you to trust them and give them some space to do their job. Know they need you supporting them--not trashing them in front of your kids. Know that they want to hear from you and they want to support your child, but know that they can't do it alone.

Enjoy the last few days of summer vacation with your babies! I know I am--heck--we're still in our PJ's here at the Doublewide!

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