Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Today's a Great Day to Crochet!

Hey Y'all!
I hope your day is going great!  Today's awfully windy here at The Doublewide.  I took our sweet girl, Miss Cookie out to potty and the wind almost blew us into the woods!
I have been gone so long, so please let me introduce you to our new girl!
This is Miss Cookie:

Ain't she cute?

We had to swap her for our Tennessee.  He was too much of a wild puppy for us!  He got to where he was chasing Robbie and biting at him.  He chewed anything that he could chew and we just wanted a dog that was LAZY and...since I'm the only girl in this place, I needed another female!  She's so adorable and we just LOVE her!
So, last night I absolutely could not sleep to save my life!  Ended up watching New Moon and Eclipse on the Free Movie channel and I crocheted one of those curly scarves and then finally went to sleep around 4:30 this morning.  Big Daddy had a doctor appt. at 8:00 but I never even heard him leave.  I slept until 10:45 and hopped into my recliner to start on a matching hat for the scarf.  It all centered around the little yellow flower I made yesterday.  Here's the hat and scarf all done:
That's also a picture of my nephew, Sawyer, on the old dresser that belonged to my Pappaw Fred.  My sister and her husband gave each of us a photo for Christmas!
Robbie spent the night with his Pop Pop and MiMi last night.  Here's a picture they sent us:

Hope your day is wonderful!

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Charlotte said...

You can use that picture to blackmail him when he gets older :-) Cute puppy! The wind is terrible here also. Hope you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!