Friday, December 30, 2011

My 2011 TOP TEN

Hey Y'all!
I hope you've had a great day today!
Can you believe tomorrow will be the last day of 2011?  Seems like yesterday that we were looking forward to 2012 is just around the corner.
Some of the major happenings around The Doublewide this year were:
#1.  My sister and her husband had their first baby.  Sawyer was born on October 5th and has been such a blessing to our big family!  I was invited (well I begged and my sister let me) to be in the delivery room when he was born.  This is my second nephew and we love him bunches!
#2.  Robbie started kindergarten!  Here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Mesimer.  
He has done exceptionally well!  He's been tested for the AIG program and I'm really proud to say that he's the only one in kindergarten and first grade that has actually placed into the program so far.  His AIG classes will begin when they go back to school.  His reading level was also tested and he's at a third grade level already!  It does pay to start reading with your children at a very young age!  I'm so proud of our adopted blessing!
#3.  My job did a complete 180!  I have taught Home Ec. for the past three years.  Last year our school system decided that our middle schoolers didn't need to learn any of the skills taught in the class, so they nixed the program.  I was blessed to be able to stay at my school but was moved to teach 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies.  I'm a math teacher at heart, so this has totally been a learning experience for me.  I do love it!  I love reading novels with my kids and learning about how to improve their reading skills.
Here's a picture of me and two of my students, Anna and Brooke on the first day of school in my new classroom:
(Photo credit to Mr. Bill Ward!)
#4.  Robbie (and us) battled "Hand, Foot and Mouth" disease for the first time.  Big Daddy and I didn't get it, but poor Robbie was pitiful with it!  See what I mean?
#5.  Robbie gave himself his first haircut at school while using scissors.  It was on school picture day.  Luckily, it was after his picture was taken!
#6.  I was asked to participate in a Donkey Baseball game to raise money for our town's new park which will be called Harper Park.  It was so much fun but I was scared to death at my turn.  I wasn't allowed to ride a donkey---I had to ride a dern llama!  Oh the sheer joy of it all!

#7.  I found out I now have high blood pressure and officially entered the "Take your meds every morning" club!  After switching from one, the Azor that I now take seems to be working, thank God!
#8.  On Mother's Day weekend, our sweet Lulabelle ran out into the road and was killed when a car hit her.  For Robbie's sake, we immediately got another dog, Tennessee:
Don't let that sweet face fool you!  He was NUTS!  Drove us crazy because we couldn't get him house-trained to save our lives.  
So, we traded him for Miss Cookie!  She's precious and was already house trained.  We love her and we've only had her for a week!
#9.  I was asked to be the Emcee for my school's talent show in the spring.  It was so much fun and I had different outfits.  We all had a great time!
Here's a little video:
#10.  I have met so many great friends here!  I love reading your posts and I enjoy keeping up with what's going on in your world!
Thank you so much, to each of you, who faithfully read and comment on my blogs.  I truly wish nothing but the best for your 2012 and future!

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