Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's finished y'all!  I have an idea for how to display my crocheted doily.  I have an old sheet that is white with yellow roses on it.  I plan on spray painting a large embroidery hoop white, putting some of the sheet in the hoop and then tacking down the doily to it.
We are planning a redo of our bathroom and I want to paint it yellow and do the trim in white.  I think this lovely piece will look great in there!
I also made the cutest little cotton headband yesterday during my lunch.  Here it is:
Ain't it pretty?!  I took copies of the pattern and shared with the girls at our crochet club last night.  Two of the women began working on theirs last night because they loved it as much as I do.
Tomorrow, I'll be taking my baby to have his kindergarten physical and shots.  I cannot believe he starts school in August--makes me sad....
I'll be taking the day off and sleeping late in the morning.
Then, after the doctor's visit, me and Robbie will be making these...
Neat-o, right?!
Click HERE for the tutorial!
Have a wonderful day today!  Hug somebody's neck!


Charlotte said...

Congratulations! You know most people use doilies on tables (under lamps, vases,etc). Way to go! Keep it up!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Michelle, you are so talented! As I've said before, I have great difficulty sewing a button on!!!

Bless you my friend!