Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm Co-Co for Yo-Yo Puffs!

Hey y'all!
 Before I do ANYTHING, I want to thank all of y'all for the comments you sent me last week.  I was really having a hard time and it means so much when you have people taking you to the Throne of God in prayer when you need it.
The women's program went fine.  We had a wonderful time together!  26 women were there--that's a good sized crowd!
So again, thanks y'all!  I love my bloggin' friends!
While browsing the internet this weekend during some down-time, I found a website called Craft Passion.  She has some WONDERFUL tutorials and how-to's (wait---aren't those the same thing??!!) on her site.
I found something called a YO-YO PUFF and was like, "Oh...I SO have to learn how to make this!"
So, I grabbed my new FAVORITE crochet hook,
Size G, by ADDI

(Hurry over HERE to get yours) and some yarn, and followed her directions and ended up making one really quickly.
Here it is:

So then I got to thinking....These would be so cute as a "flower" and I could use some buttons for the centers.  They'd also be good hot glued on a headband, made into a hair bow, a brooch.
Also, they could be crocheted with cotton yarn and would make great baby washies and also little facial cloths to take your make up off with. 
So I played a little bit, dressed her up a little bit, and here she is now:

Simple, yet dah-ling!  Wouldn't you say?  I say!
If you have any creativity to you, you're thinking other things that could be made using these, right?

So...let me know what you're thinking and I'll make YOU one--any color you want!  If you don't have a color choice or preference, just leave me a comment to be entered.  Drawing will take place Friday afternoon and I'll notify the winner via email and here on Saturday morning!
Tell all of your friends...send them my way!
Here's how to win:
(Enter as many times as you'd like!!)
1.  Become a follower of my blog.  If you're already a follower, just remind me when you enter.
2.  Blog about my giveaway (and use this here picture that is linked to come back to my blog)

3.  Send me a comment letting me know what you'd do with your yo-yo puff if you had one!

Robbie will draw the winner this Friday (2-11-11) when we get home from school.
Make sure you enter!
Whatcha waitin' on??!


Patty Sumner said...

I am not sure what I would do or what color but I would want one jusst because it was handmade by someone. I am so happy your Women's meeting went so well. Satan always tries to stir things up when something good is going to happen. That was a great group of women too. Blessings!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Glad things went well for you! It never hurts to "pour out your heart"...sometimes that in itself helps!!

Love the Yo You Puffs!!


kawasaki700rider said...

i dont know where you find the time to make all the adorable things you do. ill take mine in purple or kawasaki green (lime green). about your feelings of being overwhelmed, all good momma"s go thru it , you just have to remember there is a little boy that loves you more than anything and that he needs you to help him to grow up to be a great man. :)

What's next said...

love it.... wish I could learn to crochet

Mrs Males said...

I"m a new follower!!

Mrs Males said...

I would LOVE one in green and white- I'd put it on a hair clip for my daughter for St Patricks Day!

dana stockton said...

Love it Michelle!!