Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Birthday Party Fun!

Hey Y'all!  I hope you had a wonderful weekend and I hope wherever you are, you are as lucky as we are, here in The South, to be enjoying this beautiful weather.
I love opening the windows and letting the house "air out".  Makes everything feel cleaner and smell better, plus it gets all that stale air out and brings freshness in.  This makes me ready for spring in a tremendous way!
Below are some pictures of Robbie's 5th Birthday Party this past Saturday.  Hope you enjoy!

We began by playing the Wii! 

 Robbie wanted to create a Mii character for everyone while Lulabelle kept up with everyone there!

This is Robbie and Matthew.  Robbie is 6 weeks older than Matthew and look how tall Matthew is!  Matthew is our preacher's son.  We have a feeling these two are gonna be partners in crime later on!  hee hee
Obviously there were way more adults than kids at the party!  We had LOTS of fun!  That's my mama in the white and Big Daddy's mama in the blue.
The next few pictures are of Robbie and Cydney.  He tells everyone that she's his girlfriend.  Cydney just turned 4 in December, and her and Robbie have been buddies since they were in the nursery at church together.

I know, adorable, right?!

We made our own crayons.....

Decorated our own cupcakes....

Opened presents....

and played MORE Wii....
But more than anything, we had such a great time, celebrating such a special boy, with around 30 friends and family at The Doublewide for the day!  Thanks to all of our friends and family for sharing this day with us and thanks to YOU for being my little bloggie friends!  Have a beautiful day!


Cat said...

looks like you had a blast. sad we couldn't make it. BUT Wilmington was great too. hee hee

Cat said...

PS...Glad I can leave comments again.

Cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Robbie!!
Looks like a great party!

"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

aaaawww....how special!! Looks like Robbie had a great time!!