Thursday, July 29, 2010

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Hey Y'all!  It's been awhile since I've posted and the speed here at The Doublewide has been "wide-open".
There has been a LOT going on that has kept us so busy!
*We finally got our floors finished and I'm done painting.  Thank you Jesus!
*Also, daddy's still going to physical therapy twice a week and I take him.  Mama needs a break--even if it is only two hours, twice a week.  I know she is worn out...mentally and physically; bless her heart.
*Mammaw is getting loonier and loonier by the day.  She's been rambling through things in her house during the night.  She's finding old checks from 1985and carrying the files all over the house, going to "go through" everything.  If you try and tell her that those bank statements are 25 years old, she has no understanding almost of what you're saying.  This afternoon, my phone has rang twice.  It was her calling, and all I heard on the other end was a bunch of number punching.  I was literally screaming in the phone, and I just kept hearing bunches and bunches of numbers and beeps!  It was hilarious.  Finally, after hearing the beep beep show, I did get her to answer her phone.  She said she just wanted to make sure her phone was working....HAHAHAHA!!!  Promise, I'm not making fun of her...just live my life one day and you'll laugh too.  It's better than rocking in the corner, chewing on my tongue, while slobbering all over the front of my shirt!
*I have canned tomatoes, peaches, tomato juice, and strawberry-fig preserves.  I really want to can a bunch of green beans, but I ain't stooping my big ole puhtootie out in the garden, and picking them!
*Robbie is going to Georgia with PopPop and MiMi tomorrow morning.  I'm looking forward to walking through the den and not stepping on magnet letters and marbles.  HAHA!  I am so going to miss him this weekend.  I asked him last night what I would do without him when I'm here by myself.  He said, "You've got daddy---cuddle with him at bedtime!"
*Our friend Kasey has hung out here at The Doublewide this week.  She is such a great help and has offered to watch Robbie both Tuesday and Thursday when I took daddy to therapy.
*My sister and I are going tomorrow night to see Ralph Stanley and The Clinch Mountain Boys at Farthing Auditorium on the campus of Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  If you know anything about bluegrass music, then you KNOW who Ralph Stanley is.  If not, watch this video from Youtube.  He's precious and I love hearing him sing!
*I hosted a Scentsy! Party, here at The Doublewide this past Monday night.  If you've never heard of them, check them out by clicking HERE!  Shoot, you can even click on my name, and order something if you just can't live without their products!
*I have to go back to school on August 19th.  UGH!  Not even gonna say anything else right now--this summer has been going by too fast for me!
I'll leave y'all with some pictures that Kasey took of Robbie on Tuesday!

Coming Soon:  Pictures of Project:
"Glorify the Doublewide!"

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"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Keep laughing, girl!! It's contagious!! You describing your grandmother was alot like my mother too....but for me it was really hard to accept.

So sorry you have to start back to school so soon!! And it being so hot to boot!!