Wednesday, August 17, 2011

I Think I Can, I Think I Can....oh CRAP!!

Oh....Just typing this post makes me so sick and so sad and my stomach sick!
I guess I'm ready.  I'd better be though because in the morning, I have to be at school, rippin' and roarin'!
If you don't remember, or you're a new follower, I am beginning my 19th year teaching.
I taught 4th grade for 3 years, 6th grade for 4 years, 7th grade for 8 years, and HOME EC (Grades 6-8) for 3 years.
All of my previous middle school experience has been with teaching Math and Science.
This year is SO different.
I will be teaching 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies.
Here's the worst part:
I have 5 bulletin boards in my dern room.  FIVE!  One of them is HUMONGOUS!
I have meetings on two different days next week and then our students will be coming on Wednesday morning from 9 to 12 for their little "Welcome to Middle School" orientation.
I am not ready to give up sleeping late everyday.
I am not ready to give up my coffee until NOON while I'm still wearing my nightgown.
I am not ready to get back into going to bed early and getting up early.
I am not ready to be on a schedule that is not my own.
But more than anything....
I am NOT ready to watch my sweet, baby boy walk away from me and enter a classroom with 22 other kids, wave goodbye to me and Big Daddy, and enter the world of being a real student.
Please say a prayer for me and Big Daddy.  We are having a hard time letting him go....


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

oh, Michelle, I know it's hard to stand by and watch your little one as he grows and Big Daddy are to be praised in how much you love Robbie and the example you have set for him!!

Praying your day today will be productive...and the days to follow!! (You'll get those bulletin boards done and they will be awesome...just like you!!)


Cheryl said...

Little man going to school, where has time gone!

The bulletin borad will be just wonderful and exciting i'm sure. Have to take pics when finished.

Anonymous said...

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Belle (from Life of a...) said...

Honey, you just create some kind of wonderful lesson plan, call it a service learning project, and turn those bulletin boards over to your students!!

Anonymous said...

When my first little one went off to school, I felt the same really is weird letting your child go like that...but they love it...they adapt....they survive..and so do we!

I feel for you! and that part about the coffee till noon your Pj's.....I think you just described my life!

Getting back into routine is tough...and I'm dreading getting back into packing lunches, but the thought of having my quiet house back....ahhhh....I know I'll quickly adjust!

I'm your newest follower btw!
Stop by sometime.

Ciao bella!

Creative Carmelina

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Anonymous said...

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