Monday, July 18, 2011

Well...Hello There!

Hey Y'all!  
How was your weekend?
We had a fun one here at The Doublewide.
Saturday I finished canning pickles.  Ended up with 21 quarts and 10 pints!  Thanks to my best friend's brother, John, for bringing me 10 gallons of cucumbers.  After searching through many cookbooks, I found the recipe I wanted to use and they turned out delicious!

Then that night we went to our friends' Beverly and Vernon's house.  Vernon and Big Daddy stayed outside and worked the grill while we got everything ready to eat.  We had hamburgers, hot dogs, and smoked bratwurst.  YUMMY!
After the kitchen was cleaned we sat down to learn how to play Phase 10.  Vernon and Beverly taught us but Big Daddy ended up winning!  We are hooked now and turns out, I had a set of those cards in the game drawer here and didn't even know it!

While we were playing cards, we had taken THIS:
 Added it to THIS:

Put in in the ice cream freezer, added ice and rock salt, and waited to get to eat

Oh.  My.  Goodness!!!
If you have an ice cream freezer, you MUST try this!  Those are the only two ingredients.  Robbie and I have  had fun trying to come up with more kinds of soda to try.  The sweetened condensed milk gives it that creamy taste and the soda makes it more like a sherbet instead of a "creamy" texture.  I LOVE IT!

If you had ventured out to The Doublewide Sunday morning or afternoon, you would have found us here:

Then, last night after church we went to our friends, Jan and Wayne's house to do a little of this:
Last night was the second time that Robbie has jumped off the diving board!  His Uncle Chad has been working with him and he's doing so well!  He loves it and wears himself out swimming!
Now, I have to get busy today.  Have a million things to do and it's already noon!
I hope your day is productive and fun!


"Just Me - NC Beth" said...

Oh, my goodness! I may have to go buy me an ice cream maker just so I can try that!! It looked scrumpious!! Looks like you had a great weekend! Blessings!


Melissa said...

Isn't summer just the BEST?!? Love the fresh vegetables, the pool, you name it. That ice cream looks delish, too! Glad you're having a good summer, and I know you're like me and don't even want to THINK about August!

Charlotte said...

Mmmm, pickles! What kind, dill, sour, bread n' butter..? I am going to have to try the ice cream trick. Just soda & sweetened condensed milk? I'll be a Cheerwine would make some good eating!

Jenn said...

I love Sunkist soda and I love sweetened condensed milk oh and I love ice cream!! It's a winner all around! I'm following you back!

GoodCookinMama said...

My aunt just taught me how to make homemade sherbert in the ice cream maker when I was staying with her in MS. She makes all different kinds. She also taught me how to make homemade cherry vanilla icecream. Cool trick is to make a batch of that, put some of the chocolate shell stuff on top and viola! Chocolate covered cherry icecream. Sooo delicious!